The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is a friendly, easy-to-read hands-on guide that leads you through what happens on delivery day as well as the next few eventful, exhausting, exciting days. It explains how to take care of the new mom as well as the newborn.  This week, we are giving away one copy of this invaluable resource!


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My dear Mz. Fabulous Rikki, 


I'm a Washington D.C. resident with no family nearby and am on my own in the natural birth arena. After reading all of the (awful) typical pregnancy books, my hubby and I stumbled across the Business of Being Born and promptly bought your book..and then all of Ina May Gaskins' books... and about 4 more books. Basically, we're reprogramming ourselves to be empowered, make smart decisions, and not be afraid of birth but to embrace it. I've since given away and rebought your book about 6 times for new mothers I know. 

Seriously, if you give me a copy of the book I'll only read through it, recommend it, and then give it away and buy it at least 6 more times. Isn't that a great return on your investment? 

I've only just started reading books "after birth", and would really appreciate it!




I'm a doula and would like to win the book. But I'm not sure I'm allowed, as I'm in the UK.

I like to try and win free things for mommas and babies!! :)


The Business of Being Born is the gift I give to every mother to be I know!  I love it!  I haven't read The First 8 Days of Being a Mom, but I will and maybe it will be the sequel to the gift giving! :)


I'd love to have a copy of this to keep as part of my doula lending library.  So many new moms need helpful, reliable information for those critical first days!
What a wonderful idea.  I'll be recommending this book to the moms in my breastfeeding classes and prenatal classes at our Pregnancy Center where I volunteer.  We're always looking for new things that make parenting a little more workable and enjoyable for our young women. Thank you!
I would love to have a copy of this book!
Would love this book as a doula and mom!
I would like to share this book with all the wonderful moms to be that I know and with the breastfeeding support group that I work with.  Thanks for leading the way to better births!
A copy of this book would be WONDERFUL for me. I'm heading into the young, single mom world and trying to read anything and everything that can enhance mine and my son's lives together :)
A couple years ago I was the director of a maternity home and always avoided being there when a young mom went into labor.  I asked the other staff to go because I was scared.  I had heard horror stories from my aunts growing up.  I didn't know labor could be such a beautiful thing until I watched The Business of Being Born!  It really did change my life.  I cried when each of the women had their babies and best of all...I'm not as scared as I used to be.  Well, I am due with my first child in less than 3 weeks.  The unknown is still a little bit scarey, but I am so excited.  I hired a Doula because I want my birth experience to be the best it can be!  This book would be perfect for me!  Thanks!
I will be a first time mum in 6 months so I might need a guide like that :)



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