The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is a friendly, easy-to-read hands-on guide that leads you through what happens on delivery day as well as the next few eventful, exhausting, exciting days. It explains how to take care of the new mom as well as the newborn.  This week, we are giving away one copy of this invaluable resource!


To enter the contest, please leave a comment here!

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I'm expecting my second baby in January and have a 2 1/2 year old at home.  This book would be a wonderful reminder of was that first week is like. I would love to win it!!!



My Best Birth is one of my favorite books. Once I read it I knew that it would one of the books that I recommend to my Doula clients. It's very informative and inspiring. Thanks Ricki and Abby for putting your book out there to help moms have their own best birth.
Love Tbobb. I'm pregnant with baby #3. I have had 2 amazing natural births. I am so greatful for all you have done for women. Empowering us with knowledge
This would be great for our "new moms" library through La Leche League.  We have a lending library that often gets used, but really needs a boost as all funding in by us leaders :) Crossing my fingers!

I would love to have a copy of this to share with my health coaching clients.  I had a healthy, fabulous and empowered pregnancy and birth and I support women who are looking for the same.

Thanks for all you do!



Hi, I would also like to enter the contest. :)
I would love this.  I have had natural vaginal twins and a home birth.  I am a natural birth instructor and  would love to have this book in my library.  I also have about 10 friends/family members who are currently pregnant and majority of them first time moms!  I would love to share this with them.
I would love this book as another insight into what to expect when I have my first child.  I also love the Business of Being Born, and recommend it to all my friends & family.

I'm going into training to become a birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum doula in my area and I'm already stocking up on great book resources for my lending library. I would love to win this so other women can benefit from its knowledge!




HI there!

My husband and I are currently TTC and I just LOVE learning as much as I can about birth and becoming a mother! I am a supporter of natural child birth, preferably home birth and I look forward to my own. I would love to have this book and be able to share it with all of my friends who are also on their own journeys to become mothers.




First time mommy in December!
I'd love to enter!!!! Please sign me up :) I am so grateful for all the hard work of ladies like Ricki who are spreading awareness and empowering mothers.  It is really an inspiration.



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