Hey Ladies...just looking for some input/support today..I had a great birth experience but my baby girl had trouble latching on @ the hospital..she had a fever & blood infection and we had to get fluids in her asap~ so we had to do some bottle feeding with her. She loves to eat! ALOT! but now has little interest in the breast...I've been to a lactation consult/class and with ALOT of work she says we can get her on the breast but I'm just not producing the amounts she is used to w/ the formula. The guilt I am feeling is overwhelminn on top of my baby blues I am feeling...

has anyone else been through these type of emotions w/ regards to bottle vs. breast? I appreciate any words of encouragement and wisdom from all the moms out there~

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At the end of the day, you will feed your baby what your baby needs, no matter where it comes from, because that is what parents do. You will enjoy seeing her gain weight, knowing that she is getting the nutrition that she needs. She will not remember being breastfeed or bottle feed, but she will remember being close to you. The attachment that is forming now is between you and her, not her bottle.

There is no right or wrong, only you taking care of your baby and that is the kind of mother that she needs.
Thank you Davonia for those words of encouragement~ it means the world to me and rings so true~


I had some problems with breastfeeding too. My son had major latching problems and everything was complicated by the fact I had no support, no one to turn to and then I went back to work after only 5 week of leave. The couple people who I talked to told me to just keep trying and bear with the extreme pain (which I now know is from incorrect latching). So, I understand!

It is GREAT that you have been meeting with a lactation consultant! I really feel that, if I had been able to meet with someone and felt comfortable with them, then we would have been more successful with breastfeeding.

You know that you are already doing your best. There are some things that were out of your control, right? So, don't stress about those things! You are where you are and all you can do is your best as you move forward. So, don't give up and don't allow your thoughts to tend toward the negative. You don't deserve to be beaten up - even by yourself!

A dear friend of mine, who had her baby on 12/24/09, has had similar problems. Her baby had jaundice really bad and they didn't get off to a good start with breastfeeding. Some of the things her lactation consultant recommended were: breastfeed before giving the bottle, spend a good amount of time working with the breastfeeding before giving the bottle (she worked for 20-30 minutes total at breastfeeding, then finished with a bottle until her milk supply increased), pumped after each feeding to stimulate additional supply, and finally, she used both bottle nipples that were most like the breast AND she used breast shields that made baby more comfortable (since baby was used to the bottle). She has been able to both increase her milk supply and get the baby to breastfeed more.

It is going to take some time to build up your milk supply. But, the longer you are willing to stick with it, the better for you and your baby. I ended up giving up breastfeeding at the breast after a couple months because I just couldn't take the pain anymore - it made me really angry (that's just how I respond to pain) and I didn't want to associate anger and pain with my newborn. However, I kept pumping so that my son would continue to get the benefits of breastmilk. We ended up having to supplement with some formula, much to my disappointment, but overall, I know that I did the best I could given the circumstances and lack of support. This time (I'm currently 6 months pregnant), I've joined Le Leche League and have built up a better support system to help me achieve my goal of a minimum 1 year breastfeeding. If we have problems again that are outside of my control, so be it. Even if we end up having to supplement again, at least I can be at peace with myself knowing that I've done all I can to provide my child with the best options.

So, hang in there! You are doing great! Don't let yourself feel guilty over things you don't have control over. Just keep doing the best you can do. Keep getting the support you need and push forward. You are not alone!

Thank You Rachel for sharing your story and your friends...it means so much to hear other's experiences and know that I am doing the best I can at this time~
Blessings to you and to a wonderful pregnancy & birth!

Breastfeeding as much as possible, for as long as possible at each feed and only then topping her up with a bottle is your best bet to increase supply - its all supply and demand and without her telling your body how much to produce, the supply isnt there. One idea I have often heard is if you can, have a "nurse-in" :spend a whole weekend in bed, in front of the tv with your water bottle and nurse her constantly, even while she sleeps if the latch is good. your body should pick up the supply after 2 days.

However its a big committment, one that some women just can't do, and that's ok. You can also pump and bottle feed whatever you can pump (you can build your supply up by pumping with a good pump as well). I do believe that as long as you are feeding your child and loving your child, that is the most important thing.

Check out www.kellymom.com for tips on increasing supply - there is a herb called fenugreek that helps. Most healthfood stores carry it. You can also get Mothers Milk Tea which has fenugreek as a main ingredient. Make sure you are drinking upwards of 3L of water each day, and eating well. oatmeal apparently can help fortify your milk.

Too bad they didnt offer other suggestions in hospital - you can breastfeed and supplement with formula simultaneously with a little tube taped to your nipple and it helps prevent nipple preference and confusion. but I digress...
You got lot's of good info here. I only want to add, that although the suggestion to use the nipple shield is a good one, it HAS to be used in conjunction with pumping. Reason being your nipple will not get adequate stimulation while breastfeeding with a shield and it can cause your supply to go down. As long as you are pumping too, it shouldn't be a problem.

www.motherlove.com is an organic herbal company that sells a couple of supplements to help increase supply using fennel, and fenugreek. They are excellent and I've seen them work for a lot of moms. They work very well with Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk Tea, which I saw mentioned too. Good luck.



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