Oh dear.

When you connected with Sproutbaby, did you realize that they are marketing products that fall under the scope of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes? And that their ad violates the Code? http://store.sproutbaby.com/SproutBaby-com-Organic-Baby-Food-and-no...

I cannot and will not be associated with companies that undermine breastfeeding. Selling products in a way that violates the International Code has been shown to undermine breastfeeding.

Please reconsider this relationship.

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I actually don't think bottles undermine breastfeeding....they CAN undermine breastfeeding, but their mere existence doesn't in my opinion. Many moms return to work at some point and need bottles to feed their expressed milk to their babies. I work part time and my now 14 month old (who still nurses as primary food) and he takes a bottle (expressed milk of course) when I'm at work and its never given us a problem. Of course, I didn't introduce that bottle until he was several months old.
The issue is how bottles are marketed, not the bottles themselves. World Health Organization and UNICEF have investigated this issue for decades. Mass promotion of artificial feeding products DOES undermine breastfeeding - there is plenty of research on that. Giving mothers who want or need the information (one-to-one) about safe formula preparation and safe bottle use (regardless of what's in the bottle) is appropriate.
Linda for president!! <3
I agree.  I get so upset by images of new moms in the hospital bottle feeding!  And its always published by the hospitals themselves.  Its so aggrivating!  They know full well that if a mother bottle feeds a 1 day old baby it will likely make latching to the breast impossible (or an insane amount more difficult).  So, as far as Im concerned, a bottle in a baby less than 3 months is the same as promoting formula!  And hospitals should know better.  Formula is wildly inferior.



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