i am curious about the changes in the brain chemistry if the woman is given meds, anesthesia, etc? I have heard that when a woman delivers naturally the "love chemicals" let down in her breast milk and release in her brain to bond her to her child and the child receives thru her breast milk. I heard that when a woman is given meds, what is released is adrenaline and cortisol in her brain and in her breast milk and there is a possibility that the place that lights up in her brain is like the place that lights up when a woman loses a child. so i wonder it this is possible, if there is a link between that and post partum blues as the brain thinks she has lost her child for a time? it would be very interesting if someone could do studies on what chemicals are released and what lights up or doesn't light up when a woman has interventions or is able to deliver naturally?


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I just finished reading The Oxytocin Factor: Tapping the Hormone of Calm, Love and Healing. Dr. Moberg indicates that naturally released oxytocin may be compromised by analgesics and epidurals. 

She writes: "It is well known that mothers who have had cesarean sections tend to have more trouble with breastfeeding. Apparently the development of the breastfeding pattern and associated behavioral changes are delayed in those women and statistical calculations indicate that the reduction in oxytocin plays an important role.

I have posted a review of the book on my blog: www.carolvanderwoude.authorweblog.com

thank you!!! I will go check it out now!!!

i just went to your page and really enjoyed it! I also got redirected to the documentary "the greater good" about vaccines and went to their facebook page! thank you for that post!! I am going to see that documentary now!


I'm glad my site was helpful. Let me know what you think about the documentary.

I just ordered it!! I will let you know! thank you!! the more I learn the more I am not in favor of them for the masses. its not a one size fits all way of doing medicine, that is a cause for concern for me. there has been such a sharp increase with the amount given, most of these aren't even necessary.




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