This has been a very difficult subject. My daughter which is 22mnths old is still breastfeeding. I had to take her to the dentist due to her two front teeth have been damaged from antibiotics she had when she was in the hospital for 2mnths. She had the antibiotics for 48dys by a central line. I was told by the dentist that I needed to stop breastfeeding because it can cause her more damage, cavity and plaque in her teeth, and that any way the breastmilk does not do any effect after one year of age. Know I have done lots of breastfeeding research, what is up with people and being uncomfortable with freaking breastfeeding. I tried wheaning her off but is just bloody murder crying, I have seen her suffer enough. What is your opinion?

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I appreciate all your expirienced advised. It has been very difficult to deal with this and I have taken her to 3 opinions. They all say the same thing. She will need crowns and a root canal on one of the teeth and the other just a crown. Unfortunately is her two front teeth. The thing is when she was 3mnths old she had a staph pneumonia she under lots of antibiotic treatments for 48days. She several surgeries for chest tubes so she would get all her medication thru a central line. I was advised by her pediatrician to watch out for her teeth due to the antibiotics could affect them. When they started to come out I started to notice a tiny little superficial hole. I would wipe and clean them but one of them started to turn green in the hole. when she was 1 1/2 yr old I took her to the first dentist and she attempted doing a filling but it fell the same day when we got home. I started to search for other options and opinions and so far the other 2 agreed she needed crowns. She also has 3 permanent teeth that showed in xray and the middle one is pointing upward.
All this has caused me so much anguish, becuase I only have 3 options, do the procedure of the crowns if she won't stay still with the light sedation this will have to pull them out, leave them hope that they won't get infected, or just pull them out. I have been trying to make a decision for 3mnths now and still confused what would be best. Since her teeth are damaged the last two dentist suggested I stop breastfeeding because it can make it worse. I wish I could show you a picture. I thank you for your opinion and it is great to get an insight of another mommy.
Many blessings.
I breastfed my 7 kids, three yrs each, having them 2 yrs apart, therefore tandem nursing every third year! I never had any problems with their teeth. But, I good friend of mine did. This was the difference;
Her baby nursed on and off all night long in his sleep, which allowed the lactose in the milk to have prolonged contact with the teeth, and did cause tooth decay, whereas my babies nursed frequently during the night, but did not linger at breast after feed was done, some would just would cuddle and sleep, or move over so the other kid could take a turn, or go back to the crib to sleep (where they wouldn't get kicked or shoved by anyone else... sometimes our bed was a real zoo!). Each ones pattern was a little different.
So, while there is a grain of truth in what your DDS said, no more than a grain! As has already been said, formula is even worse for making cavities. If your baby has the habit of nursing on-off, on-off all night, you should switch to bottle of water only or pacifier at bedtime. But continuing to nurse through the day is beneficial, and even periodic nursings through the night, just not staying attached while sleeping. Hope this cars up some seemingly contradictory info you've been hearing.

While I'm on the bandwagon...
Yes it is sad that so many "professional" people, that should be well informed of the benefits of breastfeeding are so totally ignorant of them!
When I was pregant and nursing, my WIC "nutritionist" told me I wasa "starving" my fetus by nursing my baby. Luckily, I didn't believe her. I continued to nurse in spite of her dire warnings that I would have a "small, scrawny, sickly, preemie baby in NICU to deal with" if I continued to nurse through my pregnancy. Not only did I nurse through my pregnancy, but through my entire 60 minute first stage too! When I went to file the birth certificate the next day, I made a point of stopping by the WIC office to show off my "small, scrawny, sickly, preemie baby", who weighed 9 lbs, 11 oz, and was perfectly healthy! And this advice was from a registered dietician, whose training surely should haver been well versed in the physiology of breastfeeding, even if the DDS wasn't!
BREASTFEED!!!!!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
This happened to my mom when she extended nursed my littlest sister. My sister had extensive 'bottle rot' as it's commonly known...her front top teeth literally melted away. The dentist was all over my mom, accusing her nursing as the reason my sister had bad teeth, then the lack of flouride, etc etc.

So anyways, about a year after that fiasco her doctor happened to notice a tiny, little mark that we thought was a birth mark...turns out it goes hand in hand with a genetic defect...did a quick kidney scan and yup...the teeth rot is related to a metabolic disorder/kidney disease issue. She just got out of surgery last week. Her surgeon had a different response to the extended nursing...he thinks that might be the only reason she survived to this age without kidney failure or other extreme illness.

Long story short, they don't know what they are talking about.



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