Hot new research released this month shows that sleeping in bed with your baby at 3 months protected against weaning to up to age 12 months. Despite the possible pros, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns parents not to place their infants to sleep in adult beds, stating that the practice puts babies at risk of suffocation and strangulation. And the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees.

From January 1990 to December 1997 there were 121 deaths that were attributed to a parent, caregiver, or sibling rolling on top of or against a baby while sleeping. Over 1.5 million babies die every year related to misuse of infant formula, this is equal to the population of Northern Ireland.

Is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission focusing their efforts in the right area? Please share your thoughts and experiences on this or feel free to ask me about any breastfeeding questions or concerns!

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I am an advocate and supporter of co-sleeping. I practiced bed-sharing with my daughter. My son was a little different. His father has severe sleep apnea. At times it almost resembles narcolepsy. Because of this I did not feel comfortable having the baby sleep in the bed with us. but I found an acceptable alternative that worked great for us.

I got a co-sleeper made by Arm's Reach. It was originally developed to faciliate Mom's that had a c/s to breastfeed. It is like a bassinet but it straps directly to the side of your bed and sits exactly even with your matress. It offers an extension of your bed for the baby to sleep in but eliminates any possibility of the "so-called" dangers of bed-sharing. It allowed me to have my baby sleep right next to me, and I could breastfeed him at night with the same ease and convience as having him in my bed with me. I passed it on to my best friend for her baby. She asked me what the difference was between it and the "cuter" bassinets that you can buy. I told her about the convience of BF and the closeness of the baby. She is against bed sharing but is excited about the co-sleeper.

I am not suggesting that bed-sharing is unsafe or that it should not be done--I did it with my daughter and she survived just fine :). But for those that may be wary because of the "reported" dangers or who may have a situation that makes it undesirable (like mine) it is a great alternative that offers the benefits of co-sleeping and eliminates "so-called" dangers of bed sharing.

information about it can be found at
I have 6 children and one on the way. I have co slept with all of them. For the last 5 I also utilized a co-sleeper. The younger they were the more they were in my bed with me but I also had the co-sleeper for when I felt particularly tired. I have also exclusively breastfed all of my children and feel having them close made everything so much better and I felt more in tune with their needs.

The hospitals always tried to discourage me from co-sleeping, I did what I believed was best for me and my children and that meant being close as often as possible. We still curl up together, it's a lot of fun trying to fit seven of us on the couch for a movie.
There are inserts that are made to put under the fitted sheet to prevent parents from "rolling" over ontop of the baby. No worries about rolling on the baby any more. people don't know these things are avalible along with being educated with safe co-sleeping.
Has anyone ever heard of the Snuggle Nest?

It is like a tiny bed within your bed. It seems like a good way to co-sleep/bed share and reduce risk.

I'm considering co-sleeping, because I want to breastfeed and this seemed like a good alternative to the bassinet.

Any thoughts?
Here is my situation: I am currently looking for a product that is like a boppy pillow. My problem with Boppy's is they are filled with polyester and because I can't have anything that is filled with polyester I am having a hard time finding a breast feeding pillow that is either filled with some natural organic matter such as cotton, silk or lamb’s wool. Any Ideas? if not I will make my own and market it lol!
Perhaps you could buy the boppy slip covers and stuff them yourself with a material you are not allergic to. Good luck!



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