Breathing Techniques for Birth Free Mp3 Download for use in pregnancy and birth

Six simple breathing techniques for labour.

Download a free Mp3 (Relaxing Breath) in preparation for your positive birth.

As a busy Mom to be, learning breathing techniques are probably on a long list of 'to do's' during your pregnancy. Learning breathing techniques from a book can be difficult and most childbirth education classes don't have much time to allocate to practicing the techniques.  It's more reassuring to have someone guide you as you practice but not everyone can get to a yoga class. 


With these easy to follow Mp3s - the teacher comes to you and immediate feedback to your questions about breathing, birth and beyond is available daily on the GentleBirth private discussion group on Facebook.


Pregnancy is a time of change and celebration, as well as anticipation and anxiety. Practicing the breathing techniques on this Mp3 help Moms adjust to the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and birth in a more relaxed and positive way. Breathing is the most readily accessible resource you have for staying calm and focused during your baby’s birth regardless of what happens on the day.

Mastering these easy breathing techniques can be achieved with practice. Each session lasts a maximum of 10 minutes so you can easily incorporate your practice into the busiest of days. The full CD lasts 65 minutes with built in short practice sessions.

Practice your breathing techniques as often as possible – at work, driving, in bed, watching TV and during any physical examinations during pregnancy and birth. The more your practice becomes a 'habit', the more naturally they’ll come to you during your baby’s birth and the more in control you’ll feel. These easy-to-follow exercises are suitable for all expectant Mums.

Slow focused breathing is the foundation for a calmer birth for you and your baby with or without an epidural.

Breathing Techniques for Birth includes 7 Tracks: 

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – Relaxing Breath

Track 3 – Heart Breathing

Track 4 – Scan Breath

Track 5 – Slow Breathing

Track 6 – Learning how to push

Track 7 - Imagery for pushing


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