Ok so I am curious and trying to understand why so many breech babies go straight to cesarean instead of being delivered vaginally.

How many midwives and doctors here can deliver breech babies and what are your techniques? When you can and can't a breech baby by delivered and why is this? Why aren’t more people pushing to deliver breech babies rather than just going straight to C-section? Another question that pops up in my mind is multiple births sometimes both babies are head down other times one up one down why C-section multiples if breech delivery is possible?

I guess I also would like to push that more people to try and deliver breech babies depending on the position.

Believe it or not a year ago my neighbor delivered her baby breech because the hospital staff didn't know the baby was breech until she was coming out!! First one leg came out then her body along with the second leg then finally the head. I told her she was lucky because they usually do Cesareans on breech babies. The baby is fine and over a year old now.

Thanks for reading I am looking forward in reading comments and posts! :-)

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Just wanted to jump in about HCPs. While there are a variety of different practices out there, they are not necessarily available to all pregnant women due to cost. Maybe a mom is on Medicare and can only access hospital births. Maybe her insurance doesn't cover HB and she has to figure out a way to pay OOP if she wants one. So, in a way, I think a lot of women feel they don't have a choice, or don't even realize that they do. To me that is the concern and the reason we should expect/demand a change in attitude from docs regarding all aspects of birth, breech and otherwise.
Sorry to get O/T. This is an insightful thread.

I disagree, but maybe I can elaborate to make my comment more clear. I can't remember if I said HCP or hospital, if I didn't say hospital, that is the main issue I was addressing.

If the hospital you are delivering at doesn't allow VBAC's or vaginal breech deliveries, then even IF your HCP is supportive, if it's against hospital policy to preform either, then they face HUGE consequences for not c/sectioning you.(please see my first post) Is it wrong legally and morally? You bet. But it still happens all the time. So that's where the word ALLOW comes from in my response.

Also, there is the element of finances. As Mandy mentioned, not only is access to a midwife not financially probable for some, it may not be possible for a VBAC OR breech delivery. Not all midwives will do either and very few will do both. Insurance is expensive for midwives too. ;) Then you have to factor in availability of either a midwife, or a doctor that supports your beliefs. Sometimes people do not have access to the kind of care they want, and must take what they can get.

What you said in your post is very true, but it isn't always reality in the imperfect world that we live in.

Hopefully that clarifies a little more.:)



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