Here is an article that really struck me - it seems that the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada has *now* decided that C-sections should no longer be the primary option for breech births. In fact, they strongly suggest that women should have the option of a vaginal breech birth, and are now implementing a nation-wide program to educate all OBGYNS in vaginal breech birth.

The article is here:

I know that breech birth has long been something that midwives have expertise in. The thing is, I've heard midwives are becoming less likely to attempt breech births because of the idea that's been circulated that breech births are the "domain" of OBGYNs.

My question is: are similar acknowledgments (that vaginal breech birth should be attempted) being made by governing bodies in the USA? Or is this recent switch only happening in Canada?

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I haven't heard anything in the US and quite frankly I think the idea would be met with lots of opposition. Many of the newer doctors aren't even well trained in breech births. So, I'm not sure what is going to happen with that one here. I think breech births might actually move more into the home birth domain because of that.
I am pregnant with twins, so I have done lots of searching for doctors who are willing to deliver if the second baby is breech which is not uncommon. In my state, the medical system just shuttles twins off to c-section. I found one hospital with a group of CNMs who are willing to deliver the second baby breech if everything else proceeds perfectly. Then there is the CPM and home-birth option. At this point, this seems like the less risky option (though my mother strongly disagrees!). I don't know how much this has to do with the governing bodies, but it seems that no one is encouraging the system to reorient itself otherwise.



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