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I'm currently 32ish weeks pregnant and have bronchitis.  Not a lot of symptoms, just the cough that makes me aware of every single bronchiole in my lungs (ouch).  But so far, no fever and only mild stuffiness.  
It's not a chronic thing, just a virus so no need for antibiotics (at least for now), but does anybody have any suggestions?  Any body had any similar experiences?  I just feel completely wiped out, as I was just diagnosed with mild anemia too.  Aside from rest and water and tea, is there anything I should look out for?  

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Floradix for the anemia. Vit D and probiotics for everything else. Ask your health care provider how much you should take, my midwife told me to take 1000iu in addition to the 400 that were in my prenatals.
I went to a naturopath when I got the flu and then bronchitis while pregnant. She was amazing. She combined a few things in liquid form and gave me a bottle titled "herbal antibiotic". It was completely safe during pregnancy, and it took the illness away in only 3 days, after I'd struggled with it for the last 2 1/2 weeks! Do you have a good naturopath near you? They will know the best things to take during pregnancy, as a lot of herbs and vitamins can be dangerous. Our midwives asked me to be careful taking Vit E, A, and D- too much is not good for the baby....



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