I'm new to MyBestBirth and I've been moved to tears of joy from reading some amazing birth stories people have posted.

Unfortunately my birth wasn't. I ended up being on a conveyor belt of interventions over which I lost all control. I felt that I was part of a factory production line which ended up with me having a C- section.

Because I really wanted a natural birth, I was left feeling frustrated and incredibly disappointed and even though my daughter is the most beautiful precious girl in the world, I feel that things could have been different.

And then I found out about doulas.

I'm a mum but also a film-maker and my reaction to my birth was to make a film to find out if things could have been different if I had hired a doula. Would it have been different if I had someone to be with me constantly, to support me, to help fight my corner, to help me have the birth that I wanted, to help me have a natural birth?

The result is the documentary film that I've just launched: DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION - (I've just posted the film trailer on MyBestBirth) - here's the link to it on Youtube.

DOULA! is a 65 minute film that features three really positive doula-supported births; two home water births and a birth that progresses to a C-section. More info about the film is on the website: www.doulafilm.com

I know now that a natural positive birth is more than just possible, it should be a choice, and doulas can really help. But would love to know what anyone else thinks!


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Yes, I think doulas can swing the odds of a natural birth in your favor. They can advocate for you when you are in labor. But choosing supportive healthcare providers, and more natural environments like a birth center or your home are an even better way of having a natural birth, I think.
I just watched the trailer. How wonderful! I'd love to watch the entire film.

I think that doulas are incredibly important during birth for the support of mothers. Thank you for making this film in order to bring more attention to the work doulas do!
Good Morning. I am a Doula I'm sure you've read the provin statistics of the reduced intervention rates when a Doula is used. Beyond that let me tell you that with each birth my main goal is to help the mama where she is in that exact moment. To help her have the birth she desires. It is truely my hearts desire help give her what she wants. A Doula let's everything else go at that time when she is in labor with that mama. Her one and only focus is the mama, dad and baby at that point. So with that being said, if you had someone with you in labor that only had your interest in mind at the moment I feel you can safely say that a Doula can help you to have your best birth.



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