Ok so I'm Canadian. I'm pregnant with my third child right now and I really want a homebirth. This woul be my first homebirth if I can convince my Husband to agree to it.

The thng is.. everything i show him is from The states and therefore "Does not relate to us" or so he says.
We live about an hour away from the closest hospital and because of that my midwife (also the only one in my area unless i want to drive 2 hours) will not attend a homebirth in my area.
I am considering trying to freebirth as I just think it would be best for me and the baby... but Hubby is even less interested in that idea.
SO... I am ooking for CANADIAN material to show him...Any books or DVD's that are geared toward Homebirthing/freebirthing in CANADA.

I'm tryingt educate him as well as myself... but He's being stubborn about it al and wil only look at things th pertain to Canada.

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Saara said:
Just from past experience... if you can't have a home birth, hire a doula. It's cool that your midwife can & will be your care provider for the birth, but I'd still suggest looking around & hiring a doula. I can't say enough positive stuff about them.

I'd have to convince My hubby about a doula. I'm in Canada and we have TONs of them all over my area (but ironically only one Midwife...)

I'd like to hire a doula.. but i feel like then my ubby wouldn't have a job to do at the birth.. because the doula would be doing it....
where are you located? i live in bc but i don't have any great canadian resources to offer, other than the websites already mentioned.
i have heard of a 'birth house' in kelowna right across from the hospital. you can stay there before/during/after the baby. i looked at the website once and it looks lovely, a great option for those who live far away from the hospital. i'm sure they would allow kids too.
i don't blame your midwife for not doing a homebirth. she is trained to help you have your baby safely and i also think that an hour is too far. i don't think that UC is giving you any more safety than being in a hospital with your midwife.
follow your instinct, if you need something different then make it happen. your husband should be doing everything needed to make you feel the most comfortable.
best wishes for an amazing birth.

Candice Robertson said:
Well since posting this discussion.. My midwife and I have talked about a birthplan. (I still have to write one with hubby though) Basically if go to the hospital (which is looking like the case because I'm not very secure with the idea of UCing) She will be pretty much hands off, until baby starts to crown. Sh will not allow me to lay in the bed and suffer like i did with my girls. She will delay cord clampng until after it stops pulsating (She brought that up.. not me!) and She will only take baby from me to check it and measure it AFTER i have nursed baby.
I may not get my homebirth... but I feel better knowing that I will get a birth that i want, even if it's in the hospital.
I'm still looking up all the resources though...
sadly, Kelowna is even farther away.
I want to type more, but my keyboard is screwing up... ugh



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