Hi there!  I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am a chiropractor in Cumming, GA who specializes in pregnancy chiropractic.  I am a HUGE advocate of chiropractic care during pregnancy and would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about why it is so important :)

More importantly, I am a mommy to a sweet 8-month-old boy that I had at home!  He is my world!

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I am a resident of GA. I am not currently pregnant but I am planning & researching for the near future. I want to have a very healthy & natural pregnancy with a natural home birth for my 2nd baby : ) So i might be interested in something like this. Could you possible provide some contact info or a company website with more information.  I would greatly appreciate it, as I will keep you in mind for the furture! Thanks

Oh and I am a mommy to a sweet 2 yr.old boy <3

Hi there!  My office is called Vickery Chiropractic and our website is www.vickerychiro.com.  I am working on my own website that is strictly geared toward prenatal chiropractic care as well :)

Thanks! Yes your company website is geared at more general audience seeking chriopractic services. I look forward to your website for prenatal chriopractic care so that I can look at the specifics of what you do & the services you provide. Please let me know when you have it up & running, thank you!



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