I was so shocked when I initially heard this story....I thought it was very strange that a healthy mum and baby could just die in labor......but there is a lot more to the story....her survival was definitely a Christmas miracle but what contributed to this near tragedy?




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That is shocking. I hope that a lot of people read the end of the article and educate themselves on te risks of induction and medical intervention during birth.
This makes sense, based on what I've learned about inductions and epidurals. It also makes me grateful that the two times I had pitocin and an epidural both went smoothly, and even more grateful that I decided never to do it again and went on to have 3 beautiful natural drug-free births. I do hope more women will educate themselves to the real risks involved with all of our "routine" interventions.
I knew it!! I heard that interview (I actually made a post, but deleted it thinking maybe I was being a downer on everyone's Christmas). As soon as I heard it, I knew what happened. This happened to my friend. It made her high as a kite within seconds The last thing she remembered was the look on the anesthesiologists face - and it wasn't a good. Gratefully everything ended up OK with her too.
What made me so mad was how the story claimed that it was EXAUSTION from being in LABOR that made it happen. Please. Passing out asleep is a little different from, um, passing out dead. Also the fact that the child was affected in the same way was another red flag. Also that the anesthesiologist was still in the room meant it happened immediately after the epidural. I am so grateful that they are OK, but the story being aired in this - oh thank goodness we were there to save the day - attitude annoys me to no end. TV anchors these days never ask the real questions; only questions that are politically and socially correct.
With her having a history of natural birthing, my guess is that she would not have chosen to have the pit or epi if her water hadn't broken early. I heard about this story when it came out, they def left out a big part as to why it all happened. Now I know!



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