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I am so thrilled to be joining the conversation on mybestbirth and honored to share my story on Ricki & Abby's website. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about my birth story. I'd love to hear from you. Warmest, CIndy

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Thanks, Cindy, for sharing your story. I hope more women will be inspired to make the choice to have the birth THEY want, not the birth someone else tells them they should have. I am studying to be a birth doula. I was wondering if you had a doula or other supportive woman (other than your midwife) at your birth. I am also curious to find out more about how your husband supported you as a birth partner. Thanks again for speaking up about your home birth experience!
You are a beacon of hope for all birthing women. I am thrilled to know that you have the courage to speak out about your experience. My son was born at home 2 years ago and I cannot imagine giving birth any other way. I, too, felt incredibly empowered. It was as if I could do anything I wanted to from that moment on. Do you find that with the Hollywood world you live in you turn a lot of heads when telling your birth story? I know that many celebrities are all for alternative medicine like acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, etc. What is the general attitude when it comes to birth? Do you think it is beginning to shift?
Hi Cindy,

Thanks so much, I really enjoyed your story; every story I hear about home birth (however few and far between) helps ease a little bit more of the fear that seems to be mounting as I approach the Big Day. This is my first pregnancy and it was unexpected... my husband and I were thinking we'd wait maybe another 10 years or so! I barely had time to finish up college and get a job before I had to worry about where I would be having it.

At first my biggest motivator was cost, but now that I have decent insurance I still feel so warm and cozy thinking about not having to rush away anywhere when the contractions start. Do you think you would have felt more tense knowing you'd have to leave the comfort of your home? I can't imagine anyplace more psychologically uncomfortable than a hospital room of all places... after all, it's the same place people go when they are near death or about to be cut open. Birth does seem a bit out-of-place in such a crisis-oriented environment.

My biggest question: I am young and a complete wimp about pain... what did you do that helped most for coping with that kind of pain? Most importantly, is there any way you can prepare for it?




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