I wanted to add this discussion so that other mommies can learn more about cloth diapering if it is something they are interested, OR for moms who already CD to perhaps widen their spectrum or share advice!!

So, for those of you who DO CD already, what types of diapers are you using and have you tried any others? What works best for you washing/storing wise?

And, for those interested, what is holding you back? Have you looked into the different types of diapers to see what you may be interested in? Or, are you sticking with sposies? If you use disposables, do you buy the chemical free kind?

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They are more bulky that disposables for sure. You get used to it though. You just have to have the clothes a little looser. Really the best way to do it is jump in and give it a go for a couple weeks. You can still use sposies at night or when you are out of the house until you get more comfortable with it. Good luck!
I was really getting sick of my 10 month old son's "bulky bum", so I went back to using the newborn inserts with our bum genius pocket diapers. They only last 2 hours worth of pee, but now he's nice and trim and I like to change him pretty frequently anyway. I just use the really bulky full size inserts at night time now.
Good luck in the adventures of cding! I totally think it's worth it!
We have been CDing and love our Lovey Bums which are good for skinny babies too. I personally like the velour for the softness but the Shepra works as well and stretches. We use the velco covers (Thristies with the leg gussies is a must to prevent leaks) but they do scratch if they aren't covered with clothes. We recently started using Gerber vinyl pants as well. We really like them as she can't pull them off, but I wonder if they are as comfortable since they don't breath. My daughter doesn't seem to mind. Your baby will look different with the bigger bum than other kids, but I personally think it's really cute.

Also, when the poop goes from liquid to half solid (as you start introducing food), the clean up gets really gross. We started getting bio-liners (look like big dryer sheets) on Amazon and that makes it easy to pull off the poop part and not have the diapers get all gross in the wash. It also avoids the toilet / hand washing, and you don't have to buy the special sprayer to attach to the toilet.
Ok so I sort of cloth diaper. I have fitteds that were giving to me by a wonderful mama who no longer needed them. i also have 2 pockets. anyways i put them on my son (born oct 3rd 2009!!!) and well... it's like 5 minutes later i have to change him because he's soaked. I put a cover on him and even extra padding (soaker i guess they are called) and he pees right threw it! what am i doing wrong? I'm using sposies mostly right now because of this issue. (I think I'm going to be a pocket cd'er if this keeps up)
Candice, you may need to wash them several times to make them absorbable. I know that new prefolds need to be washed about 3-5 times in hot water before using them so they will absorb properly. Another thing you should watch for is to make sure your son's private parts are not pointed to the side when you put the diaper on. If it's pointed to the side it could just squirt the pee right out the side of the diaper. It's best to point it down when you put the diaper on him.

I haven't used fitted diapers, but I understand that you should have a waterproof cover or soaker to keep them from getting soaked through right away. A good cover will allow the wetness to distribute through the whole diaper before leaking. Don't give up yet, good luck!
I use Chinese prefolds that I ordered from cottonbabies.com. I also made my own covers using an adaptation of Rita's Rump Cover pattern that I altered to add velcro and a few small changes. I absolutely love my homemade covers and prefolds.

If you want to see my blog posts about my cloth diapers, click here.



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