Hi all,

I'm 30 weeks this week and have recently changed providers from an OB/GYN to a midwifery group. I am currently planning to give birth at their birth center.

My husband is on board, but my parents are very concerned. They are mostly worried because the hospital that is closest to the birth center is 30 minutes away. I tried to explain to them that I am low-risk and that the CNMs are health care professionals who will be monitoring me and the baby closely and would transfer us to the hospital at any sign of danger (and that they would probably be even more careful given the distance from the hospital).

Part of me thinks I should consider giving birth in the hospital with a midwife, instead of the birth center, but I know that this would greatly increase my chances of being subjected many of the medical interventions I'm trying to avoid. I feel deep down, though, that everything will be safe at the birth center, so why risk interventions at the hospital.

Has anyone had any experiences trying to convince family? What did you do? How did it go?


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First off, thanks to everyone for their responses. Support from this board has meant a lot to me.

I wanted to update everyone. I'm currently 37 weeks along and very anxious to experience my natural childbirth at the birth center.

My mom has, thankfully, come around. She watched the BOBB and it definitely opened her mind up a lot. Since, she's come to one of my midwife appointments. That really helped because she could ask questions and I think she got a true sense of how professional these ladies are. She also went, along with my husband, to the childbirth education class held at the birth center. She's really excited now and very supportive. I'm sure she might still have some concerns, but she's keeping them to herself.

Thanks again!
Of course your parents love you and want what is best for you and your baby. I have found that the best thing is to just not discuss birth choices. I had the same problem with my mother-in-law, even after I took her to a prenatal appointment with my midwife at our birth center. Yes, it is fun to share with your friends and family every detail of your pregnancy and birth, but it is more important, especially at the end of your pregnancy, to surround yourself with positive people. If they disagree with your choices, they will unintentionally under-mind your confidence and make things harder for you. It is sometimes better not to call and tell people when you are in labor. I would just pretend it is the 1950s, people did not talk of such things, and every birth was a wonderful surprise! My family didn't even know about my homebirth, my second birth, until it was over.



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