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I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant with our first baby. We are starting to plan out the house and what's going to change. We are planning on co-sleeping - hence my question about this.

My hubby and I currently feel that our full size bed barely accommodates the two of us, much less having an extra delicate little baby to throw in the mix. We sleep on a natural futon on a frame.


I'm trying to figure out what the best solution is for us to accommodate our newest member arriving in a couple of months. One option is for my husband to build us a new frame that is wide enough for our futon, plus another twin futon, which would be against the wall. Another option is to buy (my inlaws have offered to buy it) a co-sleeper crib type of thing.


Does anyone have experience or ideas to share in this subject? I am open to all sorts of suggestions, we have some time to figure things out (but the time is flying by soooo fast).


Thanks all!



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We use a wool mattress and a queen size frame from Roomdoctor.com and ShepherdsDream.com

I think the metal in beds may be a problem for babies and adults. The arm's reach cosleeper is connected to our bed. I have our baby in the cosleeper until she wakes up and then I nurse her on my side for the rest of the night in our bed.

Co-sleeping refers to having baby in very close proximity to you. Bedsharing is co-sleeping w/baby in your bed. I have the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper that the ladies mentioned--the bassinet thing that attaches to side of your bed. It is great, sorta. It is a fab solution for women that want to co-sleep but NOT bedshare. Having said that, I found that we didn't use ours much. They would go to bed in it (sometimes) since I didn't always go to bed at same time they did (but a crib next to/very close to your bed would do the same thing & you wouldn't have to buy something extra)  but never spent all night in it. We prefered to bedshare so we could nurse & nap all night, so invariably they always ended up in our bed next to me :-) Plus, its only good til about 6 mos or so (like 20 lbs or until baby is sitting up) so if you plan on continuing to co-slp/bedshare after that you still will have to figure something else out. But, if you don't want baby IN your bed the co-sleeper is a way to have them right there next to you & so you don't have to get up to nurse at night. IMO save your in-law's $$$, don't get the co-sleeper bassinet, and have hubby make new frame. Safety info: if you do add twin futon to your bed make sure there is NO gap between the mattresses and that they can't slide apart. Also, where the mattress meets the wall make sure NO gap either.


We didn't do anything special to bedshare (we have a queen size bed) except for the blankets & pillows...instead of using my queen size comforter we used 2 twin covers, so that when baby was between us the blanket wasn't across him...I used 1 cover & hubby used one. And I traded my 2 fluffy pillows for 1 smaller less fluffy, flatter pillow that wasn't big enough to extend past my head to where baby was sleeping next to me.

I slept w/all 3 of my kids in my bed. it made things so much better/easier. All the moms I know that didn't bedshare...well let's just say they didn't get nearly as much sleep as i did :-) Congrats on the PG & time does fly by...before you know it little one will be snuggling up next to you...

http://www.nd.edu/~jmckenn1/lab/index.html this is a great link about co-slp/bedsharing, safety info, VERY interesting stuff (ie co-sleeping BF mother-baby pairs actually sync up and end up getting on the same sleep/wake cycle throughout the night)...




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