Hi my name is Molly, I am looking into using the Sage Femme birthing center in San Francisco vs. a few other options in the area. I was just wondering if any of you have been able to use private insurance to cover any of your birth costs. Or because we are choosing to have our babies outside of hopsitals, and outside of the norm we just pay the full price on your own? Has anyone else had this problem or found a solution?

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Welcome, Molly. I gave birth to our daughter in a hospital, but I plan to birth future children at home.

There are great resources in the Bay Area. I would suggest tapping into the community at the retail store, Natural Resources.

Also, join the Yahoo!Group for the Bay Area Homebirth Collective. They've got great insurance info there in past threads, and you could also ask a new question.

Best to you and your family,




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