Hey mammas! My baby girl has a terrible case of cradle cap...any holistic solutions out there for me? Thank you!

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I haven't used this product specifically for cradle cap but I have used it on my daughters random undiagnosed rashes when the pediatrician wanted us to use lotromin. It cleared up her rash in less than a week, I've heard it works great on cradle
cap though
We use all their products and love them, my daughter has unbelievably sensitive skin and these are the only things we've found that don't cause her to get a rash or super
good luck
I found this in one of my herbal remedy books. Hope it helps!

Cradle Cap Oil

1 part chamomile flowers
1 part mullein leaf
1 part dried nettle leaf
Olive oil
Lavender essential oil

1. Combine the herbs in a double boiler. Cover with olive oil. Cook over very low heat for about 1 hour. Strain and bottle.
2. Add 1 drop of lavender essential oil for each ounce of herbal oil. Store in the refrigerator. Warm to room temperature before applying.
To Apply:
You can remove the "cap" and help regulate the activity of the sebacous glands by gently massaging a mixture of herbs and olive oil into the scalp two or three times daily. Leave the herb/oil mixture on overnight. The next morning, the crust can be easily removed by gently massaging. Be careful not to pick at the scab or be too rough. Shampoo with a mild baby shampoo only when necessary.

That is courtesy of Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal.

Also, a friend once told me that she would gently rub her baby's head with an old toothbrush when she was breastfeeding. Weird but effective.
If you have breast milk, apply that and that should help. Also, after her bath, rub her head gently and try to get some of it off little by little. It's going to be gone very soon.

Best, Dagmar
Apply ghee...


Or homemade ghee
Cradle cap is really just yeast.
If you're breast feeding, avoid sugar (as in candy, chocolates, sweets).
Feed your baby some acidophilus. Get the powdered ones (usually says for babies or something like that) Put some on the nipple when you breastfeed.
It will go away on its' own.
I was talking about cradle cap with a friend of mine yesterday. Both of our older children(2 each) were born in the hospital, and the four of them all cradle cap. She and I both delivered our third children at home, and neither developed it. We thought it might have something to do with the fact that they were allowed to have the birth fluids rubbed in to their skin, instead of being cleaned immediately. Thoughts?
The vernix is usually cleaned off right away in hospitals. I hope to ask my doctors if I can wash my baby myself after I deliver. I'd like to keep the vernix on as a protection. Do you think a hospital will allow me to wait a while to wash the baby? How long did you wait to wash your baby at home?
She was wiped down a little with a towel, but most of what was on her(birth fluids, vernix etc) was allowed to soak in to her skin. We didn't wash her hair at all until she was a little over 24 hrs, just stuck a hat on her.

Yes I'm sure that a hospital would allow you to decline the bath for a while. I would make sure that is in your birth plan, but more importantly, that whoever is with you knows that you want to wait on the bath and will help remind the staff, since you may be a bit preoccupied afterwards. :) The best place for your baby to be the first few hours is on your chest anyhow, so if that's where he/she is, they won't be able to do much clean up. ;)
Both my girls had cradle cap and both had all birth fluids left on their heads :-)
Baby oil applied before bed, and a lice comb to very gently lift up the scales in the morning worked for my kiddos. The comb distributes the pressure evenly so the fontanel can also be cleaned, and has edges that are able to get under the scales easily. If you don't want to use baby oil you can choose an organic hypoallergenic alternative oil.
Some doctors think cradle cap may be a yeast issue. I've found it to stick around in my child who has eczema.

I find it easy to use my nail to lightly scrape it off, and then I wash her hair to dislodge the pieces. Eek!

A friend of mine rubbed extra virgin organic coconut oil in and it worked a treat for her baby!



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