Here's my question-has anyone ever had cravings for... something ... but you can't figure out what?   I am 14 wks along with my second baby.  I feel like maybe I need salt but nothing really sounds good. I don't know what I want!  I guess I should probably call my midwife but any suggestions would be welcome.

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I get that for sure. What I usually do is start by going through my cupboards and fridge to see if anything catches my eye. If that doesn't work, I take a drive along a street with many fast food places, and if that fails, head to my local Wal-Mart or grocery store and walk up and down the isles until I've got what I need. Usually I find something that's already in my kitchen though luckily!
I am 23 weeks and have been having salt cravings.  The only thing that seems to fulfill my craving is plain wavy Lays. 
With my first pregnancy it was pickles and milk. 
I can't seem to get enough Indian food, especially the pickled chutney.
I don't usually eat junk food, but I am almost 10 week pregnant and I find that potatoes chips are what satisfy's the salty craving.  Especially Miss Vicky's Salt & Vinegar. Also, a good old dill pickle can hit the spot :)



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