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That article was awesome. As some one who is semi-granola, preferring swirly cotton skirts over maternity jeans, and at the same time feeding my children peanut butter but outlawing Kool-aid, I can totally relate to this guy. I wear Tom's shoes, but also bought high heels from Walmart. I used outright bribery with chocolate chips to teach potty training, but will without hesitation spank in the face of blatant disobedience. I "co-sleep" until it makes for less sleep instead of more, usually till about 4 months, and even then I use a moses basket.

I shy away from labels myself. Attachment parenting, co-sleeping, natural birthing. I simply "Parent" just like I simply "Give Birth."
Emily, well said!
Emily--I love your response! I'm expecting my first, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by the parenting "laws" I've been inundated with from every angle! Hopefully, I'll find my stride somewhere in between, but I think it'll be best to keep my personal parenting methods to myself. I've learned that there are some militant mommies (mostly in online forums) out there that are quick to explicitly judge others' decisions, often in harsh and derogatory terms. I think the cloak of anonymity that the internet provides gives people a long leash on social behavior--and unfortunately, the most militant tend to be the most vocal, which lends an air of extremism to certain parenting methods.
Kudos to you for your honesty! :)
Yes, Emily well said. I can't put a label on my parenting either. My son is 2 and co- sleeps & he'll probably be in my bed for a while. He  does wear crocs ,but is def not drinking any kool-aid. He has to eat his vegetables at dinner, but is almost guaranteed a sweet treat after. The only rules I live by as a parent is giving love. being happy, healthy, and building character. I don't like labels.



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