After 15 years of marriage and trying to have a baby for the past 5 I became pregnant finally...had a great pregnancy except for a long period of morning sickness. I read every chapter of my "what to expect" book and thought I knew all I needed to know. My due date came and went with no change...hadn't dilated...any. My dr gave me some options...wait, scheduled c-section, induction. We decided to wait a few more days. At my next apt. which was 4 days past due date my husband and I decided we would go for the induction. I went in the hospital at 7pm that night for the cervidil. This is where I messed the nurse is preparing me for the night she suggested that I take Ambien to help me sleep. Well, the cervidil was placed and a few hours later I go into labor. My husband says that by 2am I am in a lot of pain (around 2-3 cm by now) and the nurse says I can have Stadol so I get a dose. By 3am my water breaks and I get another dose of Stadol around 4am and epidural at 5. By noon I am at 9cm. Things are going great until 3:30 when they checked me and I was still at 9cm. So my dr. says we have to have a c-section. I was wisked away and my baby boy was born at 4pm. The following morning I was confused...didn't quite understand why I had surgery. I had wanted to breast feed but didn't because I was so drugged after surgery and in so much pain. After I got home I realized that I couldn't remember the night and the next day that I was in labor..nothing but little flashbacks. I believe that the Ambien I took caused amnesia. I had waited so long for this great event to take place and it happened and I couldn't even remember it! I so wanted to remember his first cry. It has been 6 months and I still have a hard time with it but things are getting better.

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I'm so sorry you had a difficult experience. I wish you the best in recovery. I have found that one of the better ways of dealing with the emotional conflict in a situation like this is to find a constructive way of channeling your frustrations. Use your experience as a way to educate people etc. I know many people who have gone on to dedicate their lives to helping women birth because of experiences like this and that has helped to heal them. Good luck!
Thank you so much for your reply.



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