I am 34 weeks pregnant with my third child -- but my first experience with a med free birth and wondering what some mothers in Dallas are doing or have done here.  I am planning to have her at Medical City Dallas. 



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Hi Marina,

I'm actually located in San Francisco but wanted to send you my blog with images to help you visualize birth in these last weeks of your pregnancy.  I earn no money from my website and everything is free: http://visualizingbirth.org/

Here's method on how to visualize: http://visualizingbirth.org/pages/introduction

Here's my background and birth stories: http://visualizingbirth.org/pages/about

Best wishes,


Awesome! Thank you, I will check it out! 

Hi!  I'm near Dallas and just had a homebirth 2 months ago.  I decided to go natural (at home with a midwife) thanks to watching The Business of Being Born while I was 12 weeks pregnant.  That was quite a change from my previous 2 births in a hospital with epidurals.  This one was amazing and I wrote about it on my blog: http://faithandfrugality.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-homebirth.html  Let me know if you have any other questions! 

Hi Kama,

Thank you for your story -- loved your blog.  Since (long story here) you can't purchase maternity insurance in Texas if you are self-employed and self insured (Thanks RICK PERRY! -- ok off political soap box now)

I have to pay cash for all my OB care, tests, etc etc.  I have already pre paid hospital, so I am set to go there and feel comfortable there -- but def want a med free birth! 

My previous two were in hospital two and actually very quick, nice births -- although had epidural, no pit.  But think I can do a med free birth and want to this time!  Def want to go med free bc of this movie!

I understand about the insurance.  We were in the same boat with no maternity coverage with our insurance.  My sister-in-law tried to go natural at Allen Presby, but they convinced her she needed her rest and to get it she needed an epidural.  Same thing happened to a few other friends.  I hope that you have a better group than she does.  I kept thinking that if I had gone into serious labor in the middle of the night, I wouldn't have been able to take something to "get a little rest" but would have had to powered through it...  Have you considered a Doula to help you get through it all?  I wouldn't have made it here at home without my midwife and her assistant!  Anyway, I hope it goes well for you and is a good experience! 

My first two were at Presby Dallas and on the first, my water broke at 3:30am -- went to hospital at 5:30am bc my contractions were strong and regular.  I was 1cm and 100% effaced - they told me I could do what I wanted and if I wanted epi, let them know.  About 8am, I decided I wanted epi, they gave to me, said they would check in 2 hours.  After 2 hours I was at a 10, and delivered him 20 minutes later. 

The second, my water broke at 11:45p, got to hospital at 1:30a with strong contractions and I was already 4cm.  I thought it hurt and asked for epi, but lady took a long time -- had to give me iv fluid.  Finally got epi around 2:45am and one hour later I could suddenly feel everything, I complained that it wore off and I need to go to the bathroom to have a BM, she told me no bc I was hooked up to epi, I insisted and she came to check and said it was not a BM but baby's head -- so quickly they called for a doc, and finally a resident walking by came in and out she came!

So that birth was 4 hours from water break to baby and only had epi for 1 of them. 

My rationale is that usually babies come faster and if I only had an epi for 1 hour, then certainly I can manage a quick labor med free using some great visualization techniques.

So I never had anyone pressure me to do anything or get meds - I was the one that asked for the epi both times. 

My doctor and the nurses at Medical City seem really cool that plan to honor my request of no pain meds unless I request and that I would like to have a med free birth. 

This is of course assuming all goes well and smooth as it did the other two times, but I have no reason to think it won't. 

As far as doula...my husband is going to be my birth partner.  He is reading the bradley book now and going to do the hypnobirthing stuff with me as well.  So am I crazy to think that's good enough?

My husband also read the Bradley book and I read about 5 books.  I think if he knows what you want (and why you want it that way) as well as the others, maybe they will encourage you to do it natural when you get in there and it hurts!  :)  I kept telling myself that I had no other options (obviously), so drugs really didn't come into play.  If you keep reminding yourself that (and that millions of other women throughout history have done it before you), you can make it!  It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it!  Sounds like you've pretty much already done it once anyway!!!  :) 



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