So i love my doctor for the most part. The last visit I tried t bring up that I am doing a natural birth with the bradley method. I could not believe what he said next, he was all like your not going to wont something crazy like no IV or not to be monitored or anything. He was all like i dont care if you dont wont pain meds that on you i dont have to feel the pain. I was so shocked and it was at the end of the app so he was trying to rush out i didnt say anything. Man is he going to have a wake up call. 

So how should i bring this back up to him? I a little scared but at the same time i not going to just let him do what he wont. i know what i wont for this birth and i am not ready to just let him take over ( like he thinks) I think i am just worried about bring it back up since what he said last time. 

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Thanks, I didnt know this. I not really worried about my doc dropping me, more about him not wonting to do what i wont for the labor and birth.
Yeah, but it's really good to know he can't refuse you care or kick you out. Because then, even if he is unhappy that you want to wait, or if that you refuse induction or refuse anything, you know you are in the driver's seat. Once you get to the hospital, you take the backseat for the most part. Sad but true! Now you have about 3 to 5 weeks left (I like to think 42 and be pleasantly surprised if it's less.) Please keep up informed!!!
i know it is sad that our wishes are so easily bypassed by the doctors and staff at hospitals with vary few really looking at what we wont for our bodes and our births. I under stand this and am not willing to let them ride over me I know the facts and i think this will help when it comes time. I am way more informed this time around which i think will really help.

As for a birth center there is one that is not that far, but since i am a surrogate and i not sure how the parents would feel switching so late, i going to stick it out with my OB. We have a great re pore and he is always saying how informed I am, that i think when the time comes he will respected my chooses. Its not like i am not willing to work with him on some things so i will just have to wait and see.

I will make sure to update=-)
Thanks for the support and advice=-)
Doctors do not have to force you to do anything. Next time you talk with him, just tell him thank you for his suggestions, but you would really appreciate that he respect you, as you respect him.



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