Hi Ladies!  I just read an article about delayed cord clamping and all its great benefits.  Anyone have any thoughts on this one way or another?

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I had my first baby three months ago at home. We learned about the benefits of delayed cord clamping one month before I went into labor during a session at our "Birthing From Within" childbirth classes. We later confirmed those benefits with our midwife. We didn't cut our baby's cord for several minutes after she arrived (I think it took ours about 15-20 minutes to stop pulsating). All present (including me in my dreamy post-laborland ecstatic state) were in awe of how incredible it was to watch and feel the cord pulsating as the last bits of blood were passed to my baby....then it peacefully stopped. Baby was perfectly healthy and continues to thrive. If given the chance I will happily do this (delayed cord clamping) again.
Awesome!  Thanks for sharing.  And I like your description of that euphoric post-laborland state.  It's one of the greatest feelings on earth!
I have attached some information about delayed clamping titled "Let it Pulse" that was written by Gloria Lemay who is a Midwife in Canada.
This was some great information!  Thank so much Lisa!
We are planning on not clamping the cord at all...our Bradley teacher told us that she wrapped her placenta and the cord dries up so much in 24 hrs she was able to snap if off. This gives every last bit of stem cells to the baby, and let's face it, we're probably going to be in the hospital for 24 hrs anyway! Her son also healed a lot faster at the umbilical site...I'm going to do more research on it but this is probably the way we're going to go!
Have you done any research on Lotus birth?

I have not, but I've heard of it.  Thanks for recommending it!


This seems like a very worthwhile thing, but I had my first baby in a birth center, which takes the philosophy that mother and baby should be given just enough time to recover from the birth and then go home ASAP and do as much recovering as possible there, not at the hospital.  If all goes according to plan, I will never birth in a hospital, so I don't think this will be an option for me.
I planed on delayed cord clamping with my first two but some how they both got cut way sooner then i would have liked. Both were Natural hospital births, for this one I am making sure they dont cut the cord early.
I had my first in a birth center specifically because I knew my requests were more likely to be heeded than in a hospital.  I'm thinking that the midwives there will be amenable to this idea, but I don't know if they currently do it.
I would love to give birth at home or birth center but my insurance does not cover it and i can not afford it.
I guess it would depend on the insurance you have, but you might want to find a birth center and discuss your insurance issues with them.  I didn't think my insurance would cover it either, but the birth center said they would deal with the insurance company (they said they were used to negotiating a lot on behalf of patients), and the insurance company wound up being so happy that I was opting for a less expensive option ($5K for the birth center vs. $15K for the hospital option), they paid for the whole thing including co-pays for the prenatal visits.  Something to consider.



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