Did you use placent encapsulation?  How much did it cost?  Did you notice a difference?  What process was used?

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what does that even mean- to encapsulate your placenta??

I did and I loved it=) loved it so much I started to do it my self, I am also a doula.  It really varies how much it will coast to where you live and how many people do it in that area. I only clean the placenta with water removing the sac and cord and then cut into even peaces to dehydrate. I dont like to cook it, I think you lose allot of the nutrition that is in it by doing that. But what is great is you can add other herbs to it if you need/want too. There is so many benefits from doing this I dont get why more women dont do it=) 

Really hope you will do your next time so you can see for your self=)) 

Best Wishes!!

Amber, i talked to one mother who said she put her placenta in the blender, processed it, poured it in ice cube trays and adds the cubes to smoothies, she said that you cant even taste it and that way you arent removing any nutrients and the benefits hit you instantly. (I'm currently 32 weeks and I'm planning to do this with mine)
It means after birth the placenta is processed into pill form and consumed by the mother
I wanted to so badly but there was a mishap right before my son's birth.  My husband ended up watching the birth via Skype in a hospital bed across town! (totally nuts).  So my sister-in-law was with me.  I love her, but natural birth and all that can come with it isnt' her thing (although she was a great support during it all).  I thought for sure she would die on the spot if I said yes when they asked if I wanted to keep the placenta, lol.  I ended up just making green smoothies and taking iron - which of course isn't the same - but they helped anyway.  I say go for it if you can.  I like the ice cube tray idea - sounds so much easier!  I was going to do it myself for cost reasons.  I still have my capsule machine and everything :o(  all the supplies were cheap.  But it would take some time and a little eww factor too to do it yourself.  Around here I think it is about $200 to have it done.
Yes I did, it was roughly $150 and it was a service offered by one of my midwives. I did notice a difference, very much so.  I had bad ppd with my son and after the highs of giving birth to my daughter declined I starting feeling the beginning of it again. It took a while for her to get it to me because they had three more births after mine, so of course they were very busy. But once I got it and started taking them all my symptoms vanished.  I think she steamed it, then cut and dried it. The caplets had a metallic smell to them, but no funny tastes or burps.  I saved what was leftover in my freezer in case I need them. I am definitely going to do it again with my next child.
I did and loved it!! I felt amazing.  I took them also when I was having trouble pumping extra milk.
Did you notice a difference in your milk production?



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