So this is how I felt during my pregnancy. 

From conception till 25 weeks I just felt like I looked bloated or that it looked like I was gaining weight...well duh I was, but I didn't look pregnant :(  At 6 months, if I wore a loose workout shirt people who I hadn't seen in a while would ask me...did you already have the baby?  When I would answer no, they asked are you still pregnant?

Uh yeah:)

I did not feel sexy until I looked pregnant!  Really Pregnant.  Around 30 weeks.  What the heck.  I thought I was going to feel sexy my entire pregnancy! 

Time flew by and before I knew it, my little man was born. 

I only gained 20lbs during my pregnancy and exercised throughout.  The exercise definitely helped with the weight gain, my labor, and I pushed in 20 minutes!

So how did you feel during your pregnancy?

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I don't really feel like the same person during my pregnancies. I feel beautiful. but not sexy. Just now, 9 1/2 weeks after my baby was born, am I starting to feel sexy again.
I felt/feel the same way as you! I'm 25 weeks along, and just now developing a "fully pregnant" belly look unclothed. If I wear specific maternity outfits that cinch just under the breast, I look much more pregnant, but while running in a loose t-shirt or tank top, I still look "bloated". I sometimes see people's cock-eyed stares on my jogs, surely wondering, "Is she pudgy...or pregnant?" Oh, well. And my husband definitely loves my blossoming belly, which makes me feel beautiful--love him!
I've gained 13 pounds thus far, which I'm trying to mitigate emotionally, and it has occasionally been difficult. I lost a good bit of weight about 8-9 years ago (about 35 lbs. through good ol' fashioned diet and exercise), and seeing the weight pile on has been a little anxiety-provoking, despite my knowledge that this is normal, expected, and HEALTHY.
By the way, Kim--the book you recommended, Exercising through Your Pregnancy, is incredible, and I've read it cover to cover. Thanks so much for the recommendation!
I don't know about feeling sexy but I want sex all the time!!! lol!

I have the opposite problem to you, everyone asks me if I'm having twins. I just sigh and say "No, I just make big babies." A few people lately have said almost there and I'm like "No, 3 months to go!" hahaha (it is my second) I do feel beautiful though, even though I am not a little woman and put on a fair amount of weight when pregnant.

@Katie, 13lb weight gain is nothing for 25 weeks, I think I'd put on double that at 25 weeks. lol! Just enjoy it, it IS normal and I'm sure u look beautiful, we all do when we're pregnant. As long as you are eating healthily it's fine.

Love and light to you mamas :)
You ARE beautiful, Jenn!! :)
i felt beautiful the whole time i was pregnant this last time. i only gained 24lbs and didnt start to show until around week 25, but i felt sexy the whole time. mainly because my hubby makes me feel beautiful no matter what i looke :)) i like having a pregnant belly...((u dont have to worry about looking fat, lol)) and i got to eat whatever i wanted. with my first i gained alot more weight, 55lbs! but i still felt sexy most of the time. i think it just depends on the way u carry urself and how others comment on how u look, like if i was wearing a dress and someone tells me its cute it just makes me feel better about my belly and the "glowing" part of pregnancy is always beautiful!:)
i believe its all about how your husband or partner makes you husband has loved my body both times and i think his love for my chaning body has made it easier to feel sexy! the comments from him simply make me smile and know that he loves the fact im giving him another child :) i also think every woman has her days where she may not feel sexy but iv found that getting dressed up and doing something usually makes it go away. and as weird as it is, right after giving birth i felt BEAUTIFUL....something about a new life brings a whole new meaning to beautiful.
I definitely didn't feel sexy throughout either of my pregnancies. I was sick for most of them, then in pain and uncomfortable. Even when I wanted sex like nothing else, I still felt weird about having sex with such a huge belly! My husband wasn't one to tell me how beautiful I looked or that he loved my belly, so I didn't really feel that way either. The only thing I loved about being pregnant was not feeling like I had to suck in my belly. I've always been a little overweight and it was great to feel fat for a better reason!
My hair was beautiful, my skin smooth. I felt plump and juicy. I was wearing clothes that enhanced my roundness, it was hot in Bali. I felt like a queen, a happy big ass goddess. Happy moments indeed...
I would say in the start of both of my pregnancy I felt a bit unsure of my self but got over it quick and then felt great. I love being pregnant and having a baby belly=-) I only gained 15 pounds with my first son and he was 9lbs and 21in and this time (41 weeks now) I have gained the same 15 pounds dont know how big this little guy will be. I am glad that i get to have this little guy and have it be over but at the same time i love the way i feel when i am prago and its a bit bitter sweet.



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