I would like to know if anyone else here is disabled and pregnant and planning a natural birth. I am 27 years old, and have Cerebral Palsy, and use a walker. Most people in my family (including my husband) support me when it comes to wanting a natural birth. Due to my CP, both my husband and I feel it's best if I am in the hospital for the birth of Isaac (I am currently in my 22nd week of pregnancy). I have a doula, who is amazing and believes in my ability to have a natural birth.

Anyway, just wondering if I'm the only one here who happens to be disabled.

I would love to hear your birth stories!

And lastly, I just want to say that I love this website! :)

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Congrats on your little one to be... I am not pregnant now, but have had the "joy" of experiencing pregnancy with a backdrop of fibromyalgia pain.... One thing I recommend is reading as much as you can about your specific condition and the way it normally interacts with pregnancy... one book that covers lots of different conditions is The Disabled Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by JUDITH ROGERS ... It will cover much more than Cerebral Palsy, but should definitely be helpful for you. A lot of libraries have it, so I would try there first, although their are used copies online for under $2....
thanks for letting me know about the book :)



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