I've realized that Giving Birth is like Religion.  You grow up believing in God because you are told there is a God, just like you are told the grass is green.  And because the grass is green, there must be a God.  You don't know to think any differently.  And then one day you realize that you don't have to believe what you are told.  You can think differently; you can believe and do what works for you.  Birth is very much the same.  Assisted, medicated births have sadly become the norm.  It's what your mom did, your sister's did, and your friends did.  Natural birth is what cave women did, but that doesn't exist anymore.  If you don't know any better, then you don't know you have a choice.  It took me 33 weeks to realize that the fleeting desire I once had to experience a water birth (which was quickly squashed by my OB) doesn't just have to be a fantasy.  It can be a reality.  

My newfound knowledge of natural birth makes me feel like that cave woman when she first created fire: like my brain has just grown a little bit.  I like it.

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Thank you for posting, Jenni! Wishing you a peaceful, beautiful birth.


Lynn and the MBB team

yesss!! what a beautiful way to describe the power of being educated on birth, I was convinced I would have a ceserean section because my mom had them for all four of her daughters and just becoming educated and planning a homebirth and being setback by a premature hospital birth of my daughter although was unmedicated has made me feel like I set a good example for my sisters when they decide to have children that they wont be feeling that normal birth is medicated and powerless. Society needs to take natural birth out of the cave woman, earthy crunchy hippie catagory and put into the empowerment, rite of passage beautiful thing that it is and always has been.

well said Kassedi!  I like your term 'earthy crunchy' haha! my hubby and I refer to them as 'granolas'.


Wonderful way to describe it! My cousin was told she can't give birth vaginally, at the hospital even, because she's already had a cesarean. Craziness! She's already going to be in a hospital, why not let her give it a shot? Oh right, cause they won't make as much cash. So sad :(  I hope to change her mind when I visit her in May! She has to know that SHE is in charge. Our bodies were made to birth. I cannot wait to experience the wonderful joy of a water birth! Thank you Jenni (:



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