A lot of pregnant women out there wonder what a doula will really do for them. And is it worth the expense? We would love to hear your thoughts and have them up on the site for anyone asking themselves this question.

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Please forgive me for repeating myself on each post. I have been a Doula for 16 years seen over 900 babies born. This role is the most satisfying role I could ever have.

We 'mother the mother'.
Our aim is to be an advocate and friend.
Create a relationship of confidence.
Build trust, making mother feel empowered.
Empowering through information.
Being a guide.

We try to enhance the best.

Supporting you through pregnancy, labour, birth after postnatally.
We are 100% with you to the end.

I could go on, but leave space other doulas to fill.
We loved our experience with the doula and even though my labor was super fast I still felt it was worth the cost. If you are concerned with price look into finding a "doula in training" who still needs observation hours-sometimes they will do it for free! see also my blog post: http://www.mybestbirth.com/profiles/blogs/doula-or-no-doula-that-is...



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