Naiya was born August 7, 2011

It was 8:30 am and I was headed to the bay to go for my normal daily swim.  I was 41 weeks pregnant and knew little Naiya would be arriving soon.  I drove down the beautiful windy road to Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, a resting home of the wild spinner dolphins.  I put on my snorkel, mask and fins and swam out about 100 yards where a pod of dolphins welcomed me.  I followed them another 100 yards and found myself immersed with dolphins.  Shortly after, I started to have contractions in the open waters, with the dolphins.

I felt peace, joy, love, happiness, and excitement.  I allowed the salt water to hold me as I breathed through the contractions.  I floated blissfully in the warm waters, the sun shined, and I knew my body knew exactly what to do.  After an hour and half I decided to head home and take a nap.  I called my midwives on the way back and climbed into bed.  I slept on and off between contractions, breathing, surrendering, and allowing my mind to drift.

As the sun started to set, I went back to the bay where my midwives met me.  I labored hugging a large palm tree overlooking the bay.  I felt Naiya was going to come soon as the contractions became stronger with a shorter rest.  When light turned to dark we drove up the windy road in which I asked to pull over every minute, allowing myself to move and flow with each contraction.   We pulled in and I had one thought on my mind, “I want to get into a warm tub of water now”, and that is what I did.  Within 40 minutes Naiya was in my arms, my three year old son joined us in the bath, and we were so relaxed.

The magic of Naiya’s birth spawned a new perception of birth.  Even though I had my son naturally at a birth center, this birth was really something different.   As I reflected, I knew exactly what it was…the preparation I did during my pregnancy with Naiya.  I was recently a single mom; pregnant, alone, afraid, and confused. You can read my entire story here, but the point is,  I was forced to do my inner work:  releasing my fears, finding my breath, exercising, acquiring knowledge and trusting in my intuition and the universe.  Opening the door to explore my mind, body and spirituality during pregnancy prepared me for the love and empowerment I felt during Naiya’s birth. 

If I had not followed my intuition and trusted Naiya and the many messages she sent me through dreams, journal writing, and meditation, her name would be Willow, we would have done a homebirth in Miami, Fl, and the birth would have been live for the world to watch on the internet.  She obviously wanted something different, Hawaii, Peace, Serenity, Naiya to be her name and the dolphins.

What did your baby share with you?  OR What are you doing to consciously connect to your unborn baby?

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What a beautiful story. I babysit and care for little ones, but do not have a child of my own. Thanks for sharing, absolutely amazing!

Thank you for sharing your intimate and loving story and journey.



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