I am starting a website, and wanted to include some cute pics of pregnant bellies and babies/mom/mom and dad with a new baby! If you have any pictures that you would like to have displayed on a website, please send them to jen@naturalbabypros.com. I am only looking for a few, so please only send your best. I'm especially interested in professionally done pics and would love a couple of little kids or babies listening to or kissing a pregnant belly.

The website will be a resource and directory for natural focused fertility, pregnancy, birthing and baby professionals, so if you have pictures that especially might fit, great! I'd love to see them!


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hi jen! i just sent you an email with some photos. there is a slide show of more pregger shots on my page.
can't wait to see your website when your done!
Congrats to Jenna Anderson! Two of her photos were picked to be included as a part of our website, hopefully to be seen by thousands of viewers.

Thank you Jenna and everyone else who sent their wonderful pictures in. They were all amazing, and I wish you best of luck and happiness with your little ones!

Visit www.NaturalBabyPros.com in 2 more weeks to be one of the first to view the launch of our new site.

Best Wishes,
I had some professional pictures done, I will search for the CD and will love to help you with your website.



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