I live in South Africa and we have only just become involved in our doula work. I find many doctors and gynae's dont know enough about doulas.

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well im not sure for everyone else, but i live in minnesota. and We have alot of doulas here..all I needed to do was request one at the clinic i go to, and they send out someone to meet with you within that next week, and medical covers doula cost.
thanks so much for yr reply. What are the costs in USA? We are getting there slowly I do courses at the Ante natal clinic... but our hospitals are not ready for doulas the midwives still think we are a threat. I have now worked a lot and they are getting used to me and enjoying having me there.
Do give me some of the brochures you get to look at online... that would be super to read...
Wow, I wish it was like that in Utah...you'd think doula's would be a big thing here as so many women have a lot of babies, but it's not and there is a big mistrust of doula's in the hospital. But, they are growing and I think they usually charge between 300-500 US dollars. As a nurse, though, I am a big advocate of doula's. I think it makes my job much easier.
the midwives that work with me feel the same as you do and love the doula's. We take the pressure off them and allow them to do all the medical tasks on hand. We work like a hand in a glove which is how it shoud be! Both doing what we are best at! 2010 is going to see a huge change as far as doula s are concerned as the mothers to be are becoming better informed of there labour and birth choices.
There are many doulas in NYC and throughout the country, though a higher concentration in cities, of course. There has been a doula "explosion" in the past 7 years or so, and many more women are being certified.

For regular hospital births, most women don't even think about hiring a doula, though almost everyone I know who gives birth with a midwife does.

This is such good news as we are just starting here as doulas were not even thought of a few years back. I think it is going to take off here in the next few years... This is exciting for me. We have a set fee of R1500 do you have a set fee or do you all charge different amounts? also give me a brief outline of what you give yr mums ..
I see my mums at 34 weeks and then anytime on the phone for help or questions.
the entire labour and birth.
Breast feeding and latching after the birth.
A visit at home after a week or so and help with any problem areas...
thanks for coming back so soon. love Ginny
tks so much. We are working independantly here (private) but we do homebirths or hospital births.
We do not have a practice number for Medical Aids, so I was wondering how we go about it like yr doulas.. We have a site called www.wombs.org.co.za.
You are right. It is the best way. I do classes at the child birth classes in the hospitals. The dads actually really enjoy it . I give them a list of what they can do and bring.. it is fun.
I also have a midwife that knows me well so she hands over any surplus mums ...
I speak for the southern states as a Mississippi native. Doulas are definitely not hanging around every corner as home-birth assisted by a midwife is actually illegal in Alabama and just not addressed in Mississippi. Therefore there really aren't many people even exploring the idea of natural birth. There's a growing movement though. I am actually in my doula training right now to serve northern Mississippi. It's a dream of mine to live in Africa especially after reading Half the Sky. I'd love to talk to you about your experiences. -Alison Doyle



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