I'm a big believer in any woman who is a "mother" (pregnant, with children or no children but mothering other people, etc) needs to be taking regular naps to rest, rejuvenate and transform. As of Mothers Day this year I'm making napping my year-long project for one year and see where it takes me (I will take one nap every day for a year and I'm inviting moms to nap with me!). What do you think? Do you need a yoga nidra nap too? Can you make time to nap? Let's talk about it here!

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if only there were more hours in the day! lol we as mothers work ourselfs to death and never think about how that effects our mothering skills.....i TRY to get a nap in when i can...in between work, college, a 19 month old and being 22 weeks prego! GREAT idea btw!
I definitely need a nap each day, but I don't always get one. I'm one of those people who needs a good solid 8+ hours of sleep each night to function well. With 5 kids 10 and under I don't sleep all the way through the night and I need the nap during the day just to make up for what I miss at night. After a particularly bad night I try to take more naps or longer naps. I love sleep, and I depend on it greatly.
Wow, it's great to hear so many of you moms take naps (or at least think about taking naps!). I've noticed as my kids get older (they're 9 and 11 now) less moms I know take naps then when they were babies/ toddlers. It feels like it's more acceptable for a mom to take a nap when the kids are young then when the kids are older.
My Mom always took a nap, religiously, every day at the same time, and she still does. When we were little she had us do nap time and we all had to be in our rooms and be quiet, even if we didn't sleep. That's when she got her nap. I'm not as consistent as my Mom, but I would probably feel better each day if I were.
I'm pregnant with my first, and I feel compelled by some force to now nap nearly every day after work. I don't always sleep, but I lay quietly for 45-60 minutes. I've really come to look forward to it, almost as a way to bond with my little one in utero. I love laying my hand on my belly and feeling the tiny kicks--such a surreal, relaxing, loving time that I know is going by so quickly. I'm getting a bit emotional just typing this--ha! I think it's time for that nap! :)
Fabulous, Katie! Maybe try a yoga nidra nap! This is a super-powerful nap for pregnant moms! Brings you right into your body...just the place you want to be for your baby and giving birth! I don't know when you're due, but starting Mother's Day I'll be using a different yoga nidra CD every month and maybe you'd like to use it too (along with other mothers) so we're all napping together.

A nap is great - any nap - but a yoga nidra nap is really fabulous! I just blogged about it today on My Best Birth.
I am all for naps. Really. But for me personally, I'm not in the habit because I'm with my son so much, that when he lies down to go to sleep, I feel like I'm missing my alone time if I go to sleep too, because I'm not awake to experience it.
But, in about a week my plate will be much less full so maybe I will find a good time to nap and not feel like I'm missing out on anything.
Plus, when the baby comes I fully intend to sleep when she does.
I would love to nap with my 14 month-old every day, but her naps are my only opportunity to do things that can't get done while she's awake, like cleaning the toilets, mopping, and dusting. Since most of the stuff doesn't have to get done everyday, I make it a point to nap with her at least 2-3 times a week and on Saturday or Sunday she has one-on-one time with daddy while I take a long, uninterrupted nap. I always feel so good once I've rested and sometimes I just force myself to sit down and read a book while she naps. There are days when that's the only time I've sat down, other than to breastfeed. Getting ready for a nap right now, happy napping, Mamas!
Anyone interested in trying a yoga nidra nap? It's super-powerful! Following me on Mothering Magazine as I take a yoga nidra nap every day for one year! It's not just sleep, it's a guided meditative sleep. Super powerful! Check out my blog on Mothering for more details!
I definitely try to nap almost everyday. I don't always sleep, but even if I just rest, reading or knitting I feel better. I have two boys, 3 and 2 and I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my third, so thankful they both still need long naps. I usually lay them down around 1:30 or 2 and they will sleep till 4 or so.

A friend of mine really helped me come up with a schedule for house work so that I could still get the rest I need. I do morning stuff, bed making, laundry gathering/starting, dishes and counters and general straightening up with the kids playing in their area. Then I do lunch and the clean up that goes with that. Usually I'm looking longingly at the clock by then willing it to be nap time.

Once nap time comes though, I pick up what ever mess the boys "tried" to clean up and pick one chore to do for the house. Sometimes it's dusting everything, or cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the stairs, cleaning out a cabinet that's making me crazy. But I just do one of them. It always takes a surprisingly short time, then I can rest before the kids get up and my husband comes home.

I've started to look at naps as something that is not just for me. It helps me be "all there" for my boys, more patient, more engaged. It helps me "have something left" for my husband when he gets home. And it helps me grow a nice strong boy #3!
Really good suggestions Emily! Thank you for sharing your ideas :)
Oh I will join your napping year long project. This is exciting if I can really get a nap per day. I work at home and every time my son sleeps, I do something with that time. I agree with Tarrah, if only there were more hours in a day. But I do believe that resting/sleeping and even napping is very important to rejuvenate ourselves. So many things to do. So much of these activities drain up our energy. We MOTHERS need to take care of ourselves, so that we can properly take care of our family.





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