I'm a big believer in any woman who is a "mother" (pregnant, with children or no children but mothering other people, etc) needs to be taking regular naps to rest, rejuvenate and transform. As of Mothers Day this year I'm making napping my year-long project for one year and see where it takes me (I will take one nap every day for a year and I'm inviting moms to nap with me!). What do you think? Do you need a yoga nidra nap too? Can you make time to nap? Let's talk about it here!

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I absolutely nap! I make myself lay down for an hour while baby takes afternoon nap. I don't always sleep but I always relax. I have found that I can get more done and have more productive evenings if I skip the housework for that hour and nap instead. You know what they say if Mamma ain't happy....so I figure that my whole family benefits from my commitment to take an hour for myself avery afternoon :)
I'm not pregnant but I do love to take at least one nap. I'm lucky that my 5.5 year old still enjoys napping as well, or is able to play quietly in the same room on his own for 40 or 50 minutes so I can at least lay down and shut my eyes, even if I don't actually sleep. If I don't, I do find myself chugging down energy drinks which are awful for me (I say as I sit here sipping a Monster energy drink after being up until 1 am and then getting up at 5:50 am....).



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