In honor of World Breastfeeding week I wanted to open the discussion Do you nurse your baby in public and why? 

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Well I work pretty closely with youth who view their breasts as exclusively sexual so they are willing to dress ...less then modestly they are uncomfortable showing them while nursing. The sad part is that young girls even think bottle feeding is more convenient I can't imagine dealing with all that. I often wonder if most of them choose to bottle feed so they can stay in denial about having a baby to some degree...
Do you think teenage girls could view bottle feeding as the norm because of babysitting? I never thought to bottle feed my kids, but I did think it was very normal possibly because I helped feed many babies bottles while babysitting.
I think they don't have enough exposure to breastfeeding and I mean actually seeing and noticing women breastfeed, sitting close to a woman breastfeeding and watching listening to conversations about breastfeeding that sort of thing although they gloss over it in health classes they really don't go in depth about how important it is. Bottle feeding isn't hidden in anyway it isn't abnormal to see a baby drinking a bottle anytime you go out. There is a Muslim lady on this thread that talks about in her culture being the babies right to breastfeed till 2 I wonder what it would be like in a country predominantly Muslim if the young women would have more exposure to it?
Sure. Why? Because my baby is hungry :). I am sure people prefer seeing nursing to hearing a screaming baby, but if they don't, they are out of luck!

Yes - baby has to eat and it's not my concern if anyone has issues with how I feed my son. :)

If I'm in public and my baby is hungry, then I nurse. Simple. But I don't like to hang my boobs out there, I usually cover up with a light receiving blanket, or even just make sure my shirt is tucked in around me.
Yes, I have and do nurse my babies anywhere they need to be fed. I has always seemed the natural thing to do and what my body was made for. It was one of my professors at OSU who noticed my reluctance to breastfeed my child in public (I took my first everywhere including lectures), this was over 12 years ago, he was very encouraging and helped me find the confidence I needed and soon enough I fed my child everywhere and didn't give it a second thought! I guess I was a little afraid at first, afraid of what people might say but I was luck to be in a great place around people who supported it!
I posted earlier to this discussion, but I did have another thought. It saddens me that I can not recall even once seeing another mom in public nursing her child, besides my own sister and sister-in-law. (and all of us are for using a cover of some sorts :)
Where do you live? In Texas, a woman's right to breastfeed in public is protected. We have WIC radio spots that support and promote breastfeeding. I have seen women nursing in public many times. Really though, if you are discrete, you can nurse without drawing attention to yourself.
Kansas. I'm pretty sure, that as a fellow nursing mother, if I saw a mother with a baby in her arms with or without a cover, I would notice. The general public probably doesn't, though. But it's pretty much only on a big shopping trip to a large city that I am nursing in a restaurant or store. In my own town, I just nurse before I run my errands.
I recall seeing a nursing mother once. I was a teenager, and admittedly though she should be covering up. Now nursing in public is a daily occurrence for us. Oh, how things change :)!
Absolutely DO! Why wouldn't I? I am a stop, drop and nurse Mama. I think it's important to nurse in public for everyone's benefit: starting with baby, mama, and the rest of the world. If we all just did it, we wouldn't have to have these kind of discussions and everyone would be better off. I need not go into the benefits of breastfeeding here, but of course, if we just did it whenever, wherever comfortably, we'd have a healthier happier world I would think!



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