In honor of World Breastfeeding week I wanted to open the discussion Do you nurse your baby in public and why? 

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Oh yea! I have no problem nursing in public. I am nursing my fourth and with each baby it seems easier and easier to nurse in public. I also think that the less of a deal you make out of it the less people even notice. I don't use a cover or blanket. I think it just draws more attention.

Why do I do it...he needs to eat!
Yes I do - because he is hungry and the life of a family doesn't stand completely still every time a baby is hungry. Should I drag all 3 of my children into a restroom so I can feed the baby, or stay on the park bench or in the restaurant booth? It is easy to publicly breastfeed while showing very little skin, so why should people care? Do the same people complain about women in bikinis? Is a 1 second flash of areola causing that much of a problem?
Yes, exactly!



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