Does anyone else have an interest making a documentary about the DANGERS OF VACCINES? Much like "Business of Being Born" changed my life and helped me understand the dangers of hospital births (...and was the reason I decided to have a homebirth when my son was born last July), I really think we need to blow the whistle on the pharmaceutical industry/government and all of the vaccine propaganda by doing a documentary and exposing the dangers and pressures to vaccinate ourselves and our children. My son is now 8 months old and has NEVER received a vaccine. I wish I could vaccinate him, but they just aren’t safe enough, and there is so much cover-up and dishonesty in the vaccine industry, and too many children are being subjected to injected toxins 5-8 times every few months while their parents ask few questions and are not encouraged by their doctors to consider the dangers.  While it is critical to continue our discussions to promote homebirth and to support the wonderful midwives who make them possible, we also need to come together as concerned parents and GO AFTER THE VACCINATION PRACTICES IN THIS COUNTRY! I think more parents would give pause to blindly vaccinating if they knew some of the real dangers or saw any reliable research. I want to do something!!! If we don’t, then we risk seeing legislation in the near future which could mandate vaccines, much like some states are targeting homebirth and trying to make it illegal for our midwives to practice their beautiful craft.

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Hello Jennifer,

I would be most interested in watching that documentary! I have seen 2 and a presentation was given a few years ago in my hometown. On Facebook there are advocates against it that.

Since learning the dangers of it, I have chosen not to vaccinate my 2nd child, he is a very healthy 5 year old. I also have friends who have a few older children of their own, and they too had denied All vaccines & they are ALL HEALTHY!  :)

I noticed you posted this in 2011, what is the status?



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