I was dumbfounded to find out I was pregnant this past April fool's day. It had been a little over five years since my last pregnancy and I wasn't planning on any more. But it was a pleasant surprise none the less!

My first child was, to be modest... REALLY BIG! At 11lbs plus, his head and shoulders were respectively, 38 and 35 cm. The DR. suggested I have a C-section. I did and all turned out well.
The second one was a bit different. He was well within normal range as I headed into labor. But 17 hrs latter, I had only dilated 4 cm. The contractions were unbearable and amniotic fluids were slowly draining. I was told that a c-section under controlled circumstances, would be preferable than waiting and more than likely having an emergency operation latter on.
Obviously I agreed to it.

I asked my current OBGYN about a possible natural birth, for my third and final child. I was told that no doctor would agree to it. That the possibility of my scars rupturing during the birthing process are just too high.
So I guess my question is...
Is the only way to have a "safe" delivery, in this situation, another Cesarean?

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Excuse my bluntness, but your doctor is a big fat liar. I've known LOTS of women that have had perfect VBA2C (vbac after 2 previous cesareans.) Heck, I've known women who've had VBAC and HBAC after 3, 4 and 5 cesareans!

The most important thing to remember is that your doctor can't legally or ethically prevent you from VBACing. It's against the law to deny a VBAC, though plenty of doctors and hospitals are doing it because not enough patients know the laws (the laws, btw, which are federal, state, local, and constitutional.)



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