It's nice to have a quick point of reference to go to and see when everyone is expecting. Let's post our due dates here and any other info you'd like to share!

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Congrats Laurel!! I am 38 weeks tomorrow and we did not find out the sex. It's getting really exciting to be so close to know "who" we are having.
Thank you! I've always imagined even before I was pregnant that I would wait to find out the sex. My b/f really wants to know but I'm hoping if he finds out he can keep from telling me!!
My sisters REALLY wanted to know and kept "threatening" to hold me hostage and find out. Lol. If my husband found out I'm sure he wouldn't "tell" me but his actions would eventually give him away. :)
Exactly I know he won't out right tell me but I fear it might slip in some way. We're both pretty sure its a girl....which is going completely on instinct so maybe we're completely wrong ...time will tell!



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