There are a lot of them on the market now -- G Diapers, Bummis, Tushies, Heavenly Organic Cloth Diapers and more. What are the pros & cons of each. One MBB member wrote:
"GDiapers...I see the obvious benefits to the environment, which is a MUST 4 me! but what, if any, drawbacks? are there any leakage possibilities? do the liners work well? I'm having my first son on 7-8-09 and I'm already looking into this important investment...any comments from those who use them? I'm gonna use them anyway probably, but I'd like to know if you've ever gotten a clogged toilet from one perhaps? ~Thanks!"

Any thoughts?

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Has anyone used Gro Diapers? I hear a lot of g Diaper enthusiasts, but I'm wondering if anyone has given Gro Diapers a shot? Any and all comments welcome! I need help deciding between the two. Thanks!
To save money and resources look into elimination communication. We started EC with our 6 month old daughter, she is now 9 mos and goes on the potty about 90% of the time. For backup and outings we use onesize pocket diapers. We tried gdiapers but when she grew out of the small size I was not happy about having to buy more. I would highly recommend knickernappies onesize, they are comfy and pretty much leak proof. To learn more about EC go to It is truly the only way that we can stop using diapers all together.



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