We are excited to welcome back Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, a physical therapist focused on helping women overcome chronic pelvic pain, which often occurs post-childbirth. Her new book, "Ending Female Pain, A Woman’s Manual" is a self-help guide in which she offers the trade secrets she has developed throughout her career, dedicated to helping women find relief from conditions such as dyspareunia, incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse and pre and post-natal complications.

Isa has seen chronic pelvic pain can have devastating effects on women’s lives and result in unbelievable stress, depression, and hopelessness. "Ending Female Pain, A Woman’s Manual," fuses yoga, pilates, intra-vaginal and abdominal scar massage, vular self-care, as well mind-body and visualization techniques. She believes that everyone holds the key to their pain relief, all they need is to be shown the way. Her goal is to always empower her patients with the tools they need to succeed on their own.

Isa is available to answer your questions on this topic all week on My Best Birth. For more information about her program and to order her book go to: : Renew-PT.com and EndingFemalePain.com

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I'm 33 weeks and has recently developed pelvic pain. The worst of the pain happens when I stand up after sitting, in the front below my belly above where the legs meet the torso. I also have a lot of pain turning over at night that radiate down my legs.

I've been seeing a chiropractor, but the adjustments are not helping.

Can you give me any advice as to how I might be able to do to relieve this pain.
from isa:
Hello kim,
I am sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like you may have pubic symphysis pain. Please try the following to see i they give you relief.

First you should try using a sacroiliac belt to add stability to the pelvis. Many women find tremendous relief by using one. you can buy these belts at serola.net. Keep the belt on as much as possible. You would also need to adjust the pubic bone before using the belt.

To Adjust the pelvis: Resist your outer thighs for 10 seconds repeat 3 times and then resist your inner thighs for 10 seconds repeat 3 times. your legs should not move when you resist them. this is more of a static hold. You can do this correction in sitting. Also use the belt after seeing your chiro.

Ice the pubic bone for 10-20 minutes three times daily. Make sure to properly wrap the ice pack to prevent skin burns. Avoid placing the ice pack at the uterus. ice only the bone

Massage your inner thigh muscles and if you find painful spots called trigger points apply pressure on the point for 90 seconds or until the pain subsides by 50%.

Do kegels exercises on a regular basis at least five repetitions five times per day. Do the slow kegels for 5 second.

Do transverse abdominal exercises: Squeeze your belly button towards your spine hold five seconds repeat five times.

Perform a pelvic brace when getting in and out of chairs. A pelvic brace is a kegel with a transverse abdominal exercise (basically squeeze your abs and your pelvic floor muscles). do this also with all positional changes.

Squeeze your butt muscles for five seconds repeat five times. Perform 5 times daily

Sleep with a pillow between your knees and squeeze the pillow when changing sides in bed.

I hope this helps. you should also consider seeing a physical therapist who specializes in women health and pregnancy. It will compliment the work you are doing with your chiro. If pain persist see an orthopedic who specializes in pregnancy. Also talk to your caregiver about this as soon as possible.

Isa Herrera
Thanks so much, Isa! I will definitely try these suggestions. :)
Very interested in learning more!

I had a traumatic birth (I mean my actual birth, not my child's) and it resulted in paralysis to my left side for several days after birth and an undiagnosed double hip dysplasia.

I also heavily performed in gymnastics until adolescence, and I think I did a lot of damage by pushing my body too far.

My pregnancy was one long stretch of severe, chronic pelvic pain. From the 2nd trimester to the very end, I had schiatic shooting pain, PSD, back pain, leg pain, everything. I required assistance to get out of bed, to go to the bathroom, to start walking, to get in the car, etc.

Obviously, I'd like to avoid that in the future, but none of the exercises worked for me. And I was adjusted 3xs a week by a pre-natal experienced chiropractor. The relief lasted for about an hour after the adjustment.

I am sorry to hear about your experiences during your pregnancy. While I am not sure where you are currently with your condition and pain, but I highly recommend that you purchase my newly released book. http://www.endingFemalePain.com . The book has several layers of tools and healing methods that can help you recuperate, should you still be suffering from pelvic pain. Please post more specific info about your current level of pain, or contact my office @ 212-213-4660 if you would like to make an appointment for Physical Therapy. Best, Isa
Does this cover hip and sacrum pain? I have chronic problems in those areas that worsens during pregnancy, and I have had back labor with all 5 of my children. Everyone says the back labor is most likely from a posterior baby, but I doubt all 5 of them were posterior. I first noticed the pain during my first pregnancy 10 years ago. My youngest is 3 months old, and I would love to remedy the problem. I've seen a chiropractor off and on with only temporary relief. Thanks.
Dear Cherylyn,

You should definitely work on a pelvic floor rehab program. Sometimes when the pelvic floor muscles are even slightly compromised, they can easily cause extra stress and pain on the hip and sacral joints. In particular, the "to kegel or not kegel" chapter of my book will give you the guidance you need to start addressing some of these possible weaknesses. In conjunction, the pilates pelvic floor ball series and the yoga will help stabilize these joint further. Good luck on your healing journey. Best, Isa



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