One of the members of my birth network says she can turn breech babies with Quantum Touch, hypnosis and energy psychology. She says she has a higher than 50% rate and can work with mom over the phone. She will also refund half your money if it doesn't work. Has anyone hear of this? It usually take three sessions and can be done as late at 39 1/2 weeks. I am curious if anyone else has heard of this or tried it? I'd love to hear about it.

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I had cranio sacral massage with someone that can manipulate energy to try to turn my son who was breech. As soon as she put her hands on me the baby started kicking and became very active. He turned head down during the hour she worked on me. I continued to see her once a week and every time she touched me he became very active. When she put her hand on my belly he would kick in that exact spot. it was really wild how he seemed to be responding to her touch. In labor she came to my house and worked on me. I felt energized and relaxed all at one. Soon after I could feel the baby moving down the birth canal.

By my own experience I would def say that manipulating energy by someone that is trained and gifted in doing it is effective. However, I am very skeptical that it can be done over the phone. When i talked to my person over the phone and we discussed what we would do and made appts the baby never reacted. But being in her presence made him very active. Not sure energy can be felt/manipulated over the phone. Unless maybe it is someone that you have an intimate close connection to.

And 50% effectiveness is not really at all impressive. My lady has about a 95% success rate. As a matter of fact doing nothing and hoping the baby turns on its own happens about 50% of the time... I don't think I would wait til 39 weeks. My lady said that it is most effective between 30-37 weeks.
Thanks so much for your thoughtful and detailed reply. I have not heard of cranio sacral for breech babies. I'm wondering what other techniques moms have used with good success for breech babies? If anyone else would like to chime in please do!
Found out about the usefulness of cranio sacral for turning breech babies from I also used the breech tilt from that website. So, I would add that website as a useful tool/resource to use to turn and/or prevent breech positioning.
Thanks so much - I had heard of this web site and will check it out.
As a Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Master Teacher, I have worked with women to help them turn their breech babies. There have been studies showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for breech presentation. has one study showing that there was an 81% success rate with hypnosis.

Kathryn Beck, CH, HBCE, HBFC, RMT
Thanks Kathryn - Is the the idea of relaxation part of what makes it work? I sometimes think that babies are just scared to come out - for many reasons. Does that make sense?



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