Everyone that has suffered a natural miscarriage, please respond....

Hello all, 


I had a natural MC in March 2011 at 10 weeks pregnant.  I was told to wait 3 cycles before TTC again.  Well, I had 3 completely normal cycles and was so excited to be back in the game!!  After the 1st month of TTC (last month) my period came 6 days late which is very unusual as I have always been very regular.  It was VERY heavy and I read online that when your period comes this late, expect it to be heavy.  So, I didnt think too much about it.  So this month we continued to TTC and my period came on time this month, but extremely heavy with moderate cramping, just as it was last month.  Now, Im concerned.  


After having your natural miscarriage, did you experience wacky periods 4-5 periods after your miscarriage?


Thank you to all who reply!

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Thank you and im sorry for your losses :(  Was your cycle more heavy and crampy than usual after your MC?  Mine has been awful!
Congrats on your rainbow baby!

No this was my fist and it was a complete shock I have given birth to two babes one of my own and I was a surro for the seconded almost 9 months ago now. 

I was going in for my normal scan and they said the baby had just died=( because the baby was right on just no HB=( I waited a week at 12 weeks 4 days and went back had another scan, went back the next day to talk to the doc the baby was the same size and still no HB, since I still felt PG and it didnt look like my body was letting go on its own I ask for a pill to help get things going, that didnt really help so I started to drink  red raspberry leaf tea and that got things going. 

I got my Af back on Cd 46  so far my Af has been more cramping but nothing I would complain about or even take anything for. Its also a bit more heavy so far too 


Hope we both get our Rainbows soon=)) 

it was heavier yes but not painful at all and as i bled so much after the 16wk mc everything came away then so i didn't lose many clots. I think it effects everyone differently like i have heard of people having an mc without any pain but the afs after were awful, personally i would rather give birth 20 times a day than have an mc. xoxo.
I had a MC after nine weeks.  I remember my periods being much stronger, more painful, and heavier.  I think it's the body trying to realign itsself, I wouldn't worry too much.  It could also be your body is now doing a new thing.  After my MC I became pregnant four months later and had a beautiful boy.  I had a second son 18 months after that.  My periods have been different after each pregnancy as well.  Good luck to you!
Thanks Lisa! I hope the same happens to me :-) crossing my fingers it's this month....
i did conceive the month following my natural miscarriage, but alot of times your body's hormones take time to settle down- just like after a baby.

I just miscarried last week (week 11 to 12), my third baby. I had no idea it would be so similar to giving birth. I went through a total of 14 hours of laboring/contractions, spread over 3 days. I have yet to experience a period after this miscarriage, and am in fact still bleeding. It didn't occur to me to possibly have heavy and difficult periods post-miscarriage. So sorry and hope you can figure it out soon!

We wanted that baby so badly, but are finding peace in knowing that God's perfect will is being done. So thankful for our sweet 2 year old and 4 year old.

I still so very much want another baby. Could some of you share your knowledge/thoughts on how long to wait to start trying again?

From my experience, I bled for 2 weeks, but much lighter in the last days.  And then no blood for 10 days and then 2 days of bleeding and then I think I completely stopped bleeding.  I think I got my period 6 weeks after the miscarriage.  Then, I was told I had to wait 3 cycles.  So I miscarried in March and I had to wait till July to start trying again.  Here we are in October and no pregnancy yet.  My periods were all over the place--27 day cycles to 36 day cycles and for months they only lasted 2 extremely heavy painful cramping days.  This past month (September) I had my first normal period since my miscarriage in March.  Where it was 5-6 days of regular bleeding with the end being very light and no cramps.  So, it took my body from March-Sept to get back to normal!!  They say that is common in miscarriages that it can take 6 months for the body to regulate.  Its been extremely difficult to plan when my fertile days are with these crazy cycles.  


So my advice to you is wait 3 cycles (since you were week 11-12) to give your body time to recover from that tramatic experience it had, and then begin trying again by not trying to time it, but by having sex every other day through the whole month.  I wish I would have done every other day these past few months, but instead I wasted my time by trying to track the right time and I kept missing it.  


So sorry for your loss :((  Its such an awful thing, I know.  



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