My husband and I are TTC.  I was just wondering what type of exercise is safe during pregnancy.  I currently run 2-3 times a week.  Is it safe to continue running once I become pregnant?


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Of course, I have to preface this with - talk to your medical provider, as they and you are the only people that can truly determine what is best for your situation. Having said that, I too was running when I became pregnant. In fact, I ran my first 10k at 3 weeks post-conception, before I even knew I was pregnant. I was training for a half-marathon, increasing my mileage slowly week by week. During my first appointment when my pregnancy was confirmed, I was told that I could continue the same level of physical activity that I had been doing but not to increase it any more. Paula Radcliffe is an Olympic-level marathon runner and she ran a marathon 8 months pregnant. Surely she trained and increased mileage during her pregnancy, but again, she's an Olympic athlete. I think it's all about how long you've been running, how long your runs are, and your level of physical fitness.


Personally, I didn't feel comfortable running after I found out I was pregnant. As much as I read and was told that it's perfectly fine until I start to feel uncomfortable, I would have questioned the decision to continue if anything bad happened. This is our first and I'm a worrier by nature. If we have a second I'd probably keep running though. I did get a jogging stroller and let me tell you, I can't wait to lace up those running shoes again! I really miss the mental clarity and euphoric feeling I get when I finish a run. Good luck to you and your husband!!

Thanks so much for the reply.  I really appreciate it.  Part of the reason this issue really concerns me is because I have had 2 miscarriages.  The first time I got pregnant I continued to run, so naturally I worried that the running may have caused it.  The second time I got pregnant I pretty much stayed away from exercise all together and I still miscarried.  

I will talk to my doctor once I get pregnant again.  Hopefully I can at least do some light jogging :)

I will find out next week whether or not I am pregnant again. ...

Thanks for the response :) 

I ran several marathons before conceiving.  I fully planned on running throughout my pregnancy UNTIL I started feeling sharp pains in abdomen.  I called my midwife and she told me to refrain from running for now.  Just this week, I tried once more to run and when I felt those pains again, I knew that was it for running until my baby is born!!  So, I ran until I hit 10 weeks, and now I am going to switch to walking and spinning.  I think the best thing to do is to really listen to what your body tells you to do!
When I first got pregnant I had a trip to disney planned with my sister and my doc. told me not to go.  Anything that jerks your body around, like running or roller coasters etc., is not good in the early stages of pregnancy.  If you just can't give up running just use an elliptical.  If you want to switch to something challenging but easier on the body I recommend yoga.  Also, yoga and meditation can be really good for the body and soul especially when trying to heal from a miscarriage and/or TTC.
Would you be interested in considering swimming? It's ideal for pregnancy, if you like it.
I am now just over six weeks pregnant and the nausea I have prevents me from doing any exercise besides walking :(
If you can at least keep walking untill you feel better that would be great.  Any exercise is better than none.



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