I'm 37 weeks and found out my iron is low and they want me to have a heplock. I want a natural birth and would love to move around, go in the shower & tub ... will this restrict me a lot?



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you have probably had yourbaby already but just for the future ladies reading, having a lock or a well isn't too bad. And despite the name, they no longer have Heprin in them.  Not for birthing moms at least. I had to have one with baby #3 because of hemorrhage risk. I requested they place it in my fore arm so it doesnt move, not the back of my hand or at the elbow. One mistake I made was putting it in my left arm which is my most comfortable nursing hold and it did get in the way. But I think the only place it wouldnt get in the way would be the hand, but that has always bothered me. So just dont forget you can determine placement. If the nurse cant do it, tell her to find someone who will. Because the request made my nurse nervous as she had never heard of such a thing, she called in the head nurse who did it no problem. With my first born I had to have a IV and bc I had had so much blood drawn due to a complication, they had the anesthesiologist come do a butterfly on my hand. I must say, if you ever have to have a needle stuck in you, they sure do know what they are doing ;o)

oh and you cannot get them wet, but I went in the tub no problem. just kept that arm out of the water.

You shouldnt need that, same thing happened to my sis inlaw laround the same time, we changed her diet, she ate of foods high in iron and stayed clear of coffee, her iron went up. She gave birth at week 41.

Hi Courtney!

I am a L&D/Maternity RN so I can help answer this question for you.  A Hep Lock or Saline Lock (same thing...we dont actually use Heparin in it any more), is just a piece of IV tubing that you are attached to where they can hook you up to fluids if you need it.  So no, it should not restrict you.  Likely it will be in you hand, wrist, or lower arm. 

I hope this helps.  If you have any more questions, let me know. 



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