Hey Ladies....

So, I've just begun planning to have a "Fertility" Party in my home, sometime in January.


The birth of the idea of this party came from my desire to honor our wombs as women, pray for our current and future children, our eggs, and wombs. I am going to invite all of my girlfriends to get together and thank God for how awesome He has made us as women, that we have the blessing of being able to conceive, grow, and give birth to children, as women.  I'm sooo excited! Any ideas on activities? 2 activities I have in mind are.... Pin the Sperm on the Egg and perhaps some collage making, using pregnancy and baby magazines. I'd LOVE any input. 


Blessings to you all,


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You could get some pots and soil and seeds and paper and non-toxic pens, and do a symbolic "planting a seed" and "planting some wishes" that people write on the paper and put in the pot along with the seed.  Talking about hopes and dreams and desires would be interesting.


You could also come up with some of the most beautiful, true, and/or funny quotes about motherhood and women and do a "match the quote with the person who said it" kind of thing...


Take advantage of gathering a group like that!  A gratitude wall (people write what they are thankful for) would be lovely too.

Have fun!





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