Not sure if anyone is still using this forum, but my husband and I are expecting our first child due June 26, 2014. We are 23 weeks pregnant and in the process of trying to switch from a hospital birth with nurse-midwives to a home birth with a certified professional midwife (although, my husband went back to college and just graduated in December, and we are broke while we look for work in his field).

Whether we birth at a hospital or at home, I am hoping for a natural, unmedicated childbirth and think I could benefit greatly from having a doula. But all the doulas I've interviewed so far charge between $500 and $800, and we just can't afford that. I've heard that there are volunteer doulas out there, but not sure how to find them. I would love to find a volunteer or low-cost doula, or one who is willing to barter. My husband is a carpenter and I am a former professional photographer, so we'd be willing to exchange services. 

Does anyone have any advice about how to find such a doula? I've found a lot of doulas, but none so far with this kind of offer.

Any advice?

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Hi Kate, congratulations for expecting your first baby. I hope you have found a doula already. I am a doula in the Miami area. www.miamimaternity.org. Here is a link to volunteer doulas in most states. Best of luck.http://radicaldoula.com/becoming-a-doula/volunteer-programs/



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